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Student Management System Project Abstract


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A Student Management System Project abstract that contains the basics needs in a student management system. It can also be used as a base to implementing your new creative ideas.

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Student Management System Project Abstract

  1. 1. By UdhayyaGethan.M - 311511205309 UdayaKumar.T - 311511205307 Barath.D - 311511205303
  2. 2. • • • • • • Data Flow Diagram Components Modules Security Features Technologies Used Future Scope
  4. 4. SMS Students Report’s Downloading Note’s Downloading Admin Faculty Student Monitoring
  5. 5. • In the student module the students can log in themselves using their register No. along with their password • After logging in they can view records about them like, Academic records Attendance records Conduct records Achievement records • The students can only view their records ,they are not allowed to change the records • The students can also download the reports as a .pdf file
  6. 6. • In the Faculty module the faculties can log in themselves using their staff id along with their password. • After logging in they can view all the records of any students they wish. • The Faculties can view records and as well as can changes to the records • The Faculties can also download the reports of a students the wish as a .pdf file.
  7. 7. • All the passwords of students as well as the faculties are stored as a hashed value • • • For this sha 256 hashing algorithm is used. • All the reports which can be downloaded by the students are generated only after the download button for the corresponding report is clicked • This will save a lot of disk space of the data base this also makes the database more secure HotLink protection is actived for our websites . Hotlink protection can save you lots of bandwidth by preventing other sites from displaying my images.
  8. 8. Sample code: <?php $passwd='TheBigBangTheory_05'; $passwd=hash('sha256',$passwd); echo($passwd); ?> Output: 24850e28a2e54cea5e9d992156146231f23e6f919fe9c02eb23854c3c0 5f4eec
  9. 9. Hosting: Apache 2.2.19 Scripting languages: Php 5.2 Database: MySql 5.1
  10. 10. • In the future the students can also be able to upload or download notes. • A few more minor tweaks here an there for making the website more visually appealing and will have Statistics, Tracking and Analytics. • The whole project will be made available as an Android app for far more ease of use and mobility.