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Software Engineering Ethics


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Software engineers should behave in an ethically and morally responsible way to be respected as a professional engineer.
In the ethical journey of software engineer's life, they will come across following components.
Honesty, Integrity, Confidentiality, Competence, Computer Misuse, Intellectual Property
It is important for the software engineers to obtain a membership from a relevant professional body and these professional bodies have an important role to play in setting ethical standards for the profession.
Even though the members follows the code of conduct or code of ethics published by the professional bodies, they often face with ethical dilemmas.
When making the decision in such a situation, always need to consider the potential for damage, the extent of the damage, and the people affected by the damage. Also respect the rights of the other involved parties as well.

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Software Engineering Ethics

  2. 2. MasteringX – Software Engineering Lecture Series TO BE A PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE ENGINEER… • It is like other engineering disciplines: carried out within a social and legal framework which should regulate the conduct of software engineers • Software engineers’ job involves wider responsibilities than simply the application of technical skills. • However standards of acceptable behavior are not bound by laws.
  3. 3. MasteringX – Software Engineering Lecture Series IMPORTANT COMPONENTS OF PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY Confidentiality Competence Intellectual Property Rights Computer Misuse
  4. 4. MasteringX – Software Engineering Lecture Series PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES AND INSTITUTIONS • ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)/ IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) • British Computer Society …. Etc. • Members of these organizations undertake to follow a code of professional conduct or code of ethics when they sign up for membership.
  5. 5. MasteringX – Software Engineering Lecture Series ACT AS A PROFESSIONAL… • If you disagree, in principle, with the policies of more senior management in the company, how should you react? • Is it best to argue within the organization or to resign in principle? • If you feel that there are problems with a software project, when do you reveal these to management?
  6. 6. MasteringX – Software Engineering Lecture Series ACT AS A PROFESSIONAL… • A company is responsible for developing a safety-critical system • Because of time pressure they falsifies the safety validation records. • Is the engineer’s responsibility to maintain confidentiality or to alert the customer or publicize, in some way, that the delivered system may be unsafe?
  7. 7. MasteringX – Software Engineering Lecture Series ACT AS A PROFESSIONAL… • Participation in the development of military and nuclear Systems. Good or Bad?
  8. 8. MasteringX – Software Engineering Lecture Series Reference: Ian Sommerville, Software Engineering, 10th Edition, Addison-Wesley Publishing, Pearson Education