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Top 50 mLearning (Mobile Learning) Resources

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Find Collection Of Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources That Are Popular Based On Social Signals.

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Top 50 mLearning (Mobile Learning) Resources

  1. Top50 mLearning Resources TOP
  2. Apple education offers everything – fromapps for learning to case studies to anonline store for parents & students to arange of tutorials on InformationTechnology. It also has a section fortutorials for Teachers & Administrators.Go there
  3. With topics ranging from Advances inMobile Learning, Research toApplications of Mobile Learning, thiseBook can be used by anyone who isinterested in mobile learning ineducation and training. Go there
  4. Marc Prensky is an internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, consultant, anddesigner in the critical areas of education and learning. His blog is a collectionof thoughts on digital games, game-based learning, digital technology,training & learning and a lot more. Go there
  5., Tribals Digital LearningStudio, is a good resource to find wealthof information about mobile-learning,best practices, research and freeresources. Go there
  6. This paper, written by Margaret Robertson,is a personal compilation of ideas andselective excerpts from researchconducted by ARC. The paper takes upsome of the issues facing the education &business world with reference to ongoingARC funded research projects.Go there
  7. This article on EDUCAUSE Quarterlyby Alan Livingston, talks how mobilephone usage among students isvirtually universal thereby presentingan opportunity for higher educationto pursue. Its also talks of how highereducation has failed to notice thepotential of mobile devices to providestudents with educationalexperiences and services. Go there
  8. Will Thalheimers research-based commentary on learning, performance, andthe industry thereof is an interesting resource to find everything on learning,eLearning, new technologies in learning etc. You will also find book reviews,articles on food & drinks and industry news. Go there
  9. Futures of Learning is a collective blogdedicated to the topic of new media andlearning. You can read about mobile phonepractices, digital youth, digitalmedia, gaming, media illiteracies, socialmedia, book reviews etc.Go there
  10. Cell Phones in Learning is a conversationabout integrating student cell phonesinto classroom curricula by Liz Kolb. Itincludes interesting topics like TheFuture of Cell Phones, iPhone & SmartPhone In Learning, articles on CellPhones and Student Learning and somenoteworthy tutorials as well. Go there
  11. mLearning World is your destination for everything mobile. AsynchronousLearning, eduCasting, eduChaos, iPad, PDA, podcasting, Learning 2.0, Web2.0 – find it all in here. Go there
  12. A complete list of references to help youfind facts and get started on mLearning.Go there
  13. Managed by Karl, aprofessor, consultant, speaker, scholar, andexpert on the convergence oflearning, technology and businessoperations, Kapp Notes is a blog thatdiscusses issues concerning learning, e-learning and the transferring of knowledgefrom retiring baby boomers to incominggamers. Go there
  14. Find all the news and views onubiquitous, mobile, connected 21stcentury learning. ULearning is a new wayto conceptualize what education in the21st century needs to become.Go there
  15. The goal of this blog is to deliver information, news and interesting interviewson mobile learning and micro learning. You can read about AugmentedReality, Android, Apps, iPhone, iPod etc. Go there
  16. This site is about the news, projects andresearch related to mobile learning on thecontinent — by Africans, for Africans. Itcovers mlearning as well as mobile usageand adoption, especially by youth. Effortsfrom related sectors, such as mHealthprojects that involve mLearning, are alsodescribed.Go there
  17. This site covers mobile learning (m-Learning), e-Learning, mobility, mobiledevices. Right from laying the basics ofmLearning to video tutorials for AIR forAndroid, this is the place to get started. Go there
  18. Narrates the experience with University ofCanberra’s Moodle-based learningenvironment : the free and open sourceMobile Learning Engine (MLE).Go there
  19. 3D Animations for Mobile is an article on Ignatia Webs, that talks about aTibotec mobile project – the technicalities of the same, and use of iClone in3D animations. You can also view the video embedded to get an idea of theanimation results. Go there
  20. This blog is about innovation, design,development, and trends in the LearningSolutions domain. You can learn about thekey considerations to be taken intoaccount before implementing mobilelearning, read about their experience inimplementing SCORM for mobile devices,learn the tips & tricks in designing graphicsfor mobile devices etc. Go there
  21. Talks of the several ways in which clickertechnology can be used to enhanceteaching practices.Go there
  22. The mLearnopedia content communitycollects and organizes the bestinformation from around the web that willhelp you learn and stay current on mobilelearning. Go there
  23. The award winning Learning2Go initiative is currently the largestcollaborative mobile learning project for pupils in the UK. The initiativeshows how successfully mobile learning can be used to give students accessto ‘anywhere, anytime’ learning. Go there
  24. This blog is all about sustaining innovationand accelerating mainstream adoption oflearning technology solutions. Go there
  25. Lists the most common mobilecommunication/ computing devices, theirfeatures and functions, their potentialinstructional uses, and the pros and consof using them for mobile learning.Go there
  26. Mobilearner explores childrens mobilephone use in public spaces looking forlearning opportunities. This site alsocaptures the author’s ideas, research, andconnections from along the way. Go there
  27. A blog on eLearning techtales with socialmedia in low resource and mobilesettings.Go there
  28. Through a series of case studies, this research bulletin describes the currentstate of wireless, mobile learning (m-learning) in higher education. Itexplores the impact of mobile technologies on new learning spaces and onteaching and learning behaviors, both inside and outside the classroom. Go there
  29. This case study, which examineseducational applications of mobiletechnology in The Netherlands, is ECARsfirst case study from outside of NorthAmerica. The experiences of the 3participating universities offer guidanceand insights to institutions of highereducation in the United States andelsewhere. Go there
  30. Talks how audio / voice (along with text) make delivery of certain types of learning content possible.Go there
  31. Provides an update on the development ofmobile phone technologies and itspotential for supporting and/or deliveringsome elements of teaching and learningprocesses. Also reports briefly on the workand key findings of the mLearning researchand development project. Go there
  32. This paper provides a strong argument for shift in pedagogical paradigms. Itexamines current needs in industry and society to argue for this shift,provides some pointers to possible solutions, and considers the role mobileand wireless technologies can play in this project. Go there
  33. Your destination to learn all about cellphones – from articles on growth of cellphone use to tutorials on developing cellphones.Go there
  34. The blog aims to investigate theeffectiveness of mobile devices onstudent learning, discuss issues ofimportance with regards to the use ofmobile technologies in classrooms andengage in conversation about how toreach students on their level. Go there
  35. Talks about the statistics for mobiles andthen goes on to classify the mobileservices into an hierarchical structure.Go there
  36. The ECAR Study of UndergraduateStudents and Information Technology,2009 is a longitudinal extension of the2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008studies on how information technologyaffects the college experience. Go there
  37. The evolving technologies committee is charged withidentifying and monitoring evolving technologies andtheir impact on higher education institutions. Thissubmission is on M-Learning. Go there
  38. Lists the ways in which Smartphones canbe used in student learning.Go there
  39. A presentation that talks about connectinglearning inside and beyond the classroomso as to achieve the 3 Cs(Construction, Conversation, Control) ofeffective lifelong learning. Go there
  40. This paper presents a practical approach tomLearning - special design issues that mustbe considered to make learning truly anyplace, any time. Called as MobileInteractive Learning Objects (MILOs)which are used within a Mobile LearningEngine (MLE) that runs on mobile phones,MILOs can offer manifold possibilities fornew kinds of communication andexplorative learning.Go there
  41. Right from the history of mobile learning tothe digital divide to itsimplementation, examples andreferences, this wiki page is your one stopdestination to knowing all aboutmLearning. Go there
  42. The report identifies and describes six areas of emerging technology(mobilesbeing one of them) likely to have a significant impact onteaching, learning, or creative expression in higher education within threeadoption horizons: a year or less, two to three years, and four to five years. Go there
  43. The report, by Cooney Center IndustryFellow Carly Shuler, makes the case thatour nation’s leaders should not overlookthe role mobile technologies can play, ifwell deployed, in building human capitaland in helping to stimulate valuableinnovation.Go there
  44. The Mobile Learning Institute deliversengaging, personalized, project-basedlearning right to classrooms andcommunity centers across the UnitedStates. It helps teachers and studentsdevelop the 21st-century skills they needto design, develop, and complete thecollaborative digital arts projects that willshape their future. Go there
  45. This article, by Ellen D. Wagner, talks aboutthe current mobile landscape, debateswhy not mobile for learning, things to bekept in mind while using mobiletechnology for learning, discusses thethings that make mobile viabletoday, current mobile trends in educationand the future mobile landscape.Go there
  46. Augmented reality adds informationand meaning to a real object or place.Unlike virtual reality, AR does not createa simulated reality. The "7 Things YouShould Know About..." series from theEDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI)provides concise information on thistechnology. Go there
  47. This discussion paper on Mobile Devices in Education discusses the thingsthat others schools are doing with mobile media devices in teaching andlearning, the potential uses that seem interesting and useful etc. Go there
  48. This page provides links to some generalresources on e-learning to help youunderstand what it is and its potential ineducation and training.Go there
  49. Location-aware applications deliveronline content to users based on theirphysical location. The "7 Things YouShould Know About..." series from theEDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI)provides concise information on thistechnologies. Go there
  50. This blog, by the team at, hasall the trends links in mobile learning and thetech that drives it. You can read on m-learningtravels, digital learning, and many otherinteresting topics. Go there
  51. Upside Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd Email :
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Find Collection Of Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources That Are Popular Based On Social Signals.


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