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Human cloning by vvr ias

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Human cloning by vvr ias

  1. 1. Human CloningHuman Cloning is defined as the creation of agenetically identical copy of an existing or previouslyexisting human being. Generally, there are two typesof human cloning:(a) Therapeutic Cloning - Which involves cloning ofadult cells for medical use.(b) Reproductive Cloning - It involves concept ofmaking clone human being.A third type of cloning is a theoretical possibility as ofnow & it is known as "Replacement Cloning" beingthe combination of the above mentioned two types ofcloning. It would entail the replacement of anextensively damaged or failing body followed bypartial or whole brain transplant.The first hybrid human clone was created in 1998, by American cell Technology. takingcells from a mans leg and a cows egg whose DNA was removed.But later on it being done on the idea of growing human organs that are biologicallyacceptable to the human body.BenefitsAlthough it has been a very debatable question whether human cloning is beneficial ordangerous. But from medical perspective it can be helpful in curing a number of diseases,which are a of now difficult to cure. It can be used for therapeutic purpose & help themankind to get rid of heart diseases, diabetes, alzheimer, cancer etc.Issues of ConcernOne of the major area of concern with regards to the possibilities of human cloning isthat, if it is misused, it can produce may human being for using them in harmful activitiesfor the mankind. It is feared that such type of misuse will led to the destruction of culture& ethics. Even the Catholic Church and many religious organisations are opposing allconception. Also from the classical liberalism point of view, concerns also ariseregarding the protection of the identity of a person. Critics are also raising objectionsregarding the use of cloned animal products for human consumption. Terming it as aharmful for human health. Also, cloning of endangered species is a debatable issueamong the scientist & environmentalist, thinking that it may stop donations for thepreservation of natural habitat and for the protection of wild-life. Even some studies haverevealed that cloned animal tend to have an increased mortality rate and by birthdeformities as compared to those naturally born.
  2. 2. Importance from examination point of view:i) 2002 - M - PII - Q.11 (c)What is Human Cloning? Is it Dangerous or Beneficial?ii) 2005 - M - PII - Q11(c)What is therapeutic cloning? Describe briefly the method and its potential applications.iii) For the last one year matter of synthetic meat is a topic of debate in the newspapers &magazines.Copyright © ::: ADMISSION OPEN :::GS / CSAT Complete Intensive Main cum PT Regular & Weekend Batches Begin From 28th September, 2012.Public Administration (Foundation Course) Under the Guidance of Srikant Bhagat. (Director, Royal IAS) Sociology (Foundation Course) Under the Guidance of P.K. Pandey. (Director, Daksh IAS) Batches Begin From Last Week of September 2012