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Finding the Right Video Hosting + Marketing Platform For You


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As a Pro Marketer, you can't simply host your content on YouTube anymore and hope for the best. We review 5 of the top video hosting/marketing platforms: Wistia, Vidyard, Sproutvideo, Vzaar, and Vimeo.

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Finding the Right Video Hosting + Marketing Platform For You

  2. 2. IF YOU’RE A SERIOUS MARKETER, YOUTUBE WON’T CUT IT Any ol’ marketer from New York City to Timbuktu knows to put his videos on YouTube, the “no-duh” (free) go-to place to host your video content. And now Facebook has been going hard on video for over the past year, sucking up and promoting as much video content as much as they can. We wrote about all the free ways you can promote your videos or look at your video ROI and analytics in previous posts. But the truth is that savvy marketers know that they can’t rely solely on free hosting, especially if they want more control, analytics and insights into what’s working and what’s not. Instead, at some point they will have to turn to paid video marketing platforms like Vidyard, Wistia, VideoSprout and others.
  3. 3. OVERVIEW
  4. 4. VIMEO Price: Free – $200 per month Analytics: Basic coverage Marketing Tools: Beginner •  Really good for HD Content, social sharing and privacy settings •  More elegant and curated than YouTube •  Ability to “sell” or “rent” your video content •  Lacking features and robust analytics in paid version
  5. 5. WISTIA Price: Free – $300+ per month Analytics: Full coverage Marketing Tools: Diverse and powerful, in $100+ plans Bonus Points: A free plan you can actually use •  Strong analytics: Heatmaps, engagement graphs, etc. •  Email “Turnstiles” for gathering lead contact info •  Slick, easy-to-understand interface •  Clear pricing plans
  6. 6. VIDYARD Price: Custom, no free plans Analytics: Full coverage, pick and choose Marketing Tools: Powerful and diverse Bonus points: thumbnail A/B testing, Personalized Videos •  Custom-crafted solutions: don’t pay for features you won’t use •  Totally customizable player and strong analytics suite •  Stellar CRM and MAP integrations •  Confusing website
  7. 7. SPROUTVIDEO Price: 14-day free trial, $25-$400 a month afterward Analytics: Full coverage Marketing Tools: Strong, focus on security Bonus Points: “Video Websites” feature •  Good for companies who don’t want to “go viral”– focus on security features •  Hyper customizable video player •  Strong analytics and engagement tracking •  Expensive plans based on bandwidth
  9. 9. RECAP
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