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Vegan Health Benefits

A Vegan diet boasts an incredible amount of health benefits that could go a long way in extending your life expectancy!

You may find yourself surprised at just how beneficial a switch to vegan could be to your health.

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Vegan Health Benefits

  1. 1. The Health and Physical Benefits of a Balanced, Vegan Diet
  2. 2. The Stereotype of the ‘Hippie’ Vegan is now extremely outdated.Now, more and more people are turning to avegan lifestyle and diet in order to enjoy both the health and physical benefits that ‘vegan options’ have to offer.
  3. 3. A healthy, balanced vegan diet of fresh fruits, vegetables,nuts and even soy products, help aid the following, ever-expanding health benefits:• Increased intake of fibre promotes healthier and more regular bowel movementswhich, in turn, actively decreases the chances of developing bowl cancer!• We all know Protein is good for us but consuming too much through red meats andchicken can essentially ‘overdose’ the body on Protein, causing adverse effects. Avegan diet of lentils, peas and beans acts as a great way to ensure you’re receiving theright balance of protein that your body requires. Want more examples of how a change to a Vegan diet can help you live longer?
  4. 4. •It has been shown that countries in which women consume very little meat or animalproducts boast a dramatically lower rate of reported Breast Cancer.• A vegan diet is also strongly recommended as a vital tool in the battle against Type 2Diabetes.• Astounding results were recorded when a major study conducted in the UnitedStates of America revealed that adult men suffering in the early stages of ProstateCancer who gave up consuming meat and switched to a balanced, healthy vegan dietmanaged to stop the progress of the cancer and in some cases may have evensuccessfully reversed the illness entirely! Continue reading to see how a Vegan diet can extend your life expectancy!
  5. 5. • Choosing to embrace a vegan diet effectively eliminates almost of the unhealthyfoods associated with weight gain that are consumed in today’s world. This smartremoval of unhealthy options promotes a healthier lifestyle and will greatly assist inyour weight loss efforts.• It has been proven that vegan’s, as a result of consuming more vitamins fromvegetables and nuts, often enjoy much healthier, vibrant skin.• A reduction in the consumption of animal products such as meat and dairy has oftenbeen linked with the noticeable reduction in and alleviation of allergy symptoms.• Eliminating dairy from your diet has even been proven to assist in alleviating thesymptoms related to PMS! Staggered by these amazing Vegan facts? You can find plenty more….
  6. 6. is a 100% free resource for both the established andaspiring modern-day Vegan!With Vegan-inspired art, recipes, articles and news, there’s no better placeonline to educate yourself on all things Vegan.We hope to see you there!