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Internet of Things (IoT)


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This presentation was created to aware people of basics of Internet of Things.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

  1. 1. Internet of things
  2. 2. Introduction History IoT IoT zones Registration Review
  3. 3. You: Turn off an alarm Make coffee Set a temperature of water Set a navigator Text your boss IoT: Your coffee is ready There’s plenty of hot water Navigation has determined your route Your car texts your boss
  4. 4. Introduction History IoT IoT zones Registration Review
  5. 5. History of the Internet Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 IoT Static page, content view Not only a content view, but also a generation of information Computer data processing Internet of Things
  6. 6. Smart House Smart Enterprise Smart Transport
  7. 7. The person himself turns on / off a light bulb. Check it in case of breakage
  8. 8. Man configures the rule and the bulb itself lights up at the right time.
  9. 9. Introduction History IoT IoT zones Registration Review
  10. 10. The Internet of things is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. IoT A “thing” is any object with embedded electronics that can transfer data over a network — without any human interaction.
  11. 11. üHow to achieve this technically? üHow agents live and work?
  12. 12. Receiving an event, the awakening Calculation of residue powder The replenishment planning Optimization (combined purchases) The inclusion in the shopping list (control) The agreement with the user Rescheduling, if the powder has not been purchased Learning from experience
  13. 13. üHow to achieve this technically? üHow agents live and work? üWhat does IoT mean for business?
  14. 14. Introduction History IoT IoT zones Registration Review
  15. 15. Building Watson IoT for buildings is a complete solution that helps you: Capture data from sensors and devices Consolidate that information on a single cloud platform Generate recommendations that can be operationalized by your asset and facilities management software
  16. 16. With Watson IoT, you can: Increase production without increasing resource usage Increase efficiency, reduce harmful waste and pollution Improve the security of our food system Predict extreme weather events and mitigate negative consequences. Environment
  17. 17. With Watson IoT, you can: Make manufacturing assets and equipment more intelligent to improve reliability and reduce downtime Use cognitive analytics to deliver closed- loop, data-driven process improvements that enhance quality and productivity Optimize production resources by keeping production line workers safe and minimizing energy consumption Factory
  18. 18. With Watson IoT, you can: Enhance the resident experience. Improve operational performance. Develop new business models. Increase environmental sustainability. House
  19. 19. With Watson IoT, you can: Play like a pro by leveraging real-time insights. Predict team dynamics and financial outcomes with advanced analytics. Create the ultimate fan experience. Sport
  20. 20. With Watson IoT, you can Deliver innovative in-store experiences to drive customer loyalty. Redesign your store operations, drive efficiencies and reduce costs. Build more intelligent merchandising and supply chain strategies. Store
  21. 21. With Watson IoT, you can: Use continuous engineering and embedded software development to speed the delivery of new in-vehicle services and updates Use in-vehicle and contextual data to manage fleet operations, monitor driver behavior and optimize planning Use real-time tracking and monitoring data to anticipate failures and reduce diagnostics time for maintenance needs Vehicle
  22. 22. Introduction History IoT IoT zones Registration Review
  23. 23. Introduction History IoT IoT zones Registration Review
  24. 24. continued support for human by objects that surround it transparency of process, it is result orientation speak not how to do it, and what you should have
  25. 25. Thank you!