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Job #Hunting-Yesterday & Now


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It has been never 3 decades since the #Internet #appears! Join us to have a quick #look about how #internet has helped us with our #job-hunting #process!

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Job #Hunting-Yesterday & Now

  1. 1. How Internet Changes Our Job-Hunting Process
  2. 2. Yesterday Looking for Job
  3. 3. NowLooking for Job
  4. 4. Yesterday Looking for Job
  5. 5. NowLooking for Job
  6. 6. Yesterday Create a Cover Letter
  7. 7. NowCreate a Cover Letter
  8. 8. Yesterday Create a Resume
  9. 9. NowCreate a Resume
  10. 10. Yesterday Edit a Resume
  11. 11. NowEdit a Resume
  12. 12. Yesterday Apply for a Job
  13. 13. NowApply for a Job
  14. 14. Yesterday Interview
  15. 15. NowInterview
  16. 16. You can SEIZETHE OPPORTUNITY Smarter ! Easier !Faster!
  17. 17. The internet has always been, and always will be, a magic box
  18. 18.