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Meidän Kaarina & Amazing Race -presentation for international teachers 11.2.2016



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A presentation about School & Enterprise & Community co-operation project "Meidän Kaarina", presented for international teacher guests in Piikkiö 11th Feb 2016

Meidän Kaarina & Amazing Race -presentation for international teachers 11.2.2016

  1. 1. ”Our Kaarina” School - Business - Municipality – Society Co-operation Project
  2. 2. How Everything Started? RegionalYESorganizedaTeacher- Entrepreneur Meet-upinKaarina (inearly2014) Finland’s EntrepreneurDay– September5th
  3. 3. • Anactiondayfor1st-9thgradestudentsabout entrepreneurship, work life and surrounding society • Organized in a co-operation between – the city administration – joint elementary schools – local enterprise associations and companies • Coordinated by a smallorganizing committee: entrepreneurs, teachers and the city’s economic development agency (Kaarinan Kehitys Oy) 5thSep2014 4thSep2015
  4. 4. Me+You=We(1st–2ndgrades) – A worklife guest visits a class and discusses with students about his work – Children build a ”my strengths box” Mydreamcity (3rd–4thgrades) – A land use planning engineer / architectvisits a class and discusses howcities are planned – Children build their own dream city from recycled materials Me&MyCityvisit (6thgrade)
  5. 5. AmazingRace(9thgrade) – Students visit local companies, city offices and locations during the day – Independently, in group of 4-5 youths – At each location a student group completes a given task and collect points – Thebestgroupand thebestclass will be announced in the end of the day 4schools::25classes::400students 45companies::4hours
  6. 6. Youths get to knowlocal businesses… …theymay use local services, knowadults and knowwhatthe city can provide them
  7. 7. Businesses get to knowlocal youths… …theyare ourcustomers and employees within ten years
  8. 8. Theschedule 08.00 Students gathered to their classes, registered their groups online and got instructions for the day 09.00 – 12.30 Groupsvisited the task locations 13.00 Groupsreturned back to schooland registered the collected points 13.15 Live stream and announcement of winners 14.00 Prize giving ceremony in a local restaurant 15.00 End of day
  9. 9. ExamplesofTask&Organizers Tilihalme - An accounting company ”Makeasalaryslip calculations” Paint & Ink - A tattoo entrepreneur ”Doyourowntattoo(ontoanapple)” Langh Group& Farm ”TractorRally&Createyourownflour” AnnaSport ”Plan anewdance&fitness movesformusic”
  10. 10. …manyothertaskpointorganizers
  11. 11. • Points were collected as own notes, ”crowns”, that were distributedto each task point in advance • Students registeredtheir collected notes in the website with their pads or mobile phones • ”Travel points” were automaticallygiven to students based on the area theytravelled during the day
  12. 12. #meidankaarina @MeidanKaarina
  13. 13. 1stPrize: SummerJobs • Winners get summerjob positions foronemonth • Thecity supports the employingcompanywith 400€ (salary is usually around 700- 800€/month) • Help forCV and job interviews is provided at school& organizing committee
  14. 14. Thewinning group(and their teachers)got alimousine ridefromtheschoolto the prizegiving ceremony.