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Cultural Studies and Journalism


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Cultural Studies and Journalism

  1. 1. Faculty of HumanitiesDepartment of CulturalStudies and Journalism
  2. 2. History of the Department of CulturalStudies and Journalism Department of Cultural Studies was established in Vyatka State Universityin 2002. The founder and first head of the department was Sergei Lipin,PhD, Professor, Honored Employee of Higher Education of Russia. Since 2007, the head of the department is Elvira Viktorovna Gmyzina, PhDCultural Studies, Associate Professor. There are 1 Doctor of Science, 1professor, 10 PhD’s and Associate Professors. Percentage of staff withacademic degree is 88%. Teachers of the department do lecturing in cultural disciplines (culturalstudies, history, world and national culture), and conduct classes in rhetoric,Russian language and culture of speech, culture of business communicationin all faculties of the University. Since 2003, the department prepare specialists in "Cultural Studies", since2011 it also prepares specialists in "Journalism". Due to the expansion ofactivities in 2011 the department was renamed in the Department of CulturalStudies and Journalism.
  3. 3. Training area of the Department: 033000Cultural StudiesProfiles of Bachelors:Management of socialcultureCulture CommunicationsProfile of Masters:Socio-cultural design
  4. 4. Training area of the Department: 031300JournalismProfiles of Bachelors:Television journalismMultimedia journalismProfile of Masters:History, language andstyle of the media(scheduled since 2014)
  5. 5. Training area of the Department: 031600Advertising and Public RelationsProfile of Bachelors:Advertising and PublicRelations incommercial sphere
  6. 6. Ph.D. theses defense of the Departmentstaff 2006 – Gorodilova Tatyana SegreevnaSpecialty: 09.00.01 – Ontology and epistemologyResearch topic: Ontology of daily routine and non-classical epistemology of Rozanov V.V. 2006 – Desyatkova Olga VladimirovnaSpecialty: 24.00.01 – Theory and History of CultureResearch topic: The idea of individual freedom in culturological conception of Merezhkovsky D.S. 2007 – Voronova Elena VasilyevnaSpecialty: 24.00.01 – Theory and History of CultureResearch topic: The mythology of daily routine in the culture of the Russian emigration in 1917-1939on the memoirs material . 2007 – Zlobin Andrei AlexandrovichSpecialty: 10.02.01 – Russian LanguageResearch topic: Semantics and function of the word Freedom in the works of Solzhenitsyn A.I. 2011 – Nagovitsyna Marina PetrovnaSpecialty: 10.01.09 – FolkloristicsResearch topic: Traditional fair folklore in modern festivals.
  7. 7. Postgraduate studies24.00.01 - Theory and History of Culture• In 2009 a new postgraduate studies Specialtywas established in the Department: 24.00.01 –Theory and History of Culture• Currently there are:2 full-time post-graduate students, 1 extramuralstudies post-graduate students.
  8. 8. Scientific conferences at the Departmentof Culture and JournalismEach year, there are intercollegiate scientific conferences for studentsand postgraduate students in the department, the results of which arepublished anthologies of scientific publications: «The study of cultural texts» (2007), «Problems of the study of personality in culture» (2008), «Problems of cultural identity in the age of globalization» (2009), «Interpretation of history in changing cultural contexts» (2010), «The phenomenon of creativity in the context of the development ofculture» (2011), «Eternal cultural values ​​in a changing world» (2012), «Development strategies of cultural policy in the modern world»(2013).
  9. 9. Grant activities: Research for the grant of the President of the RussianFederation for young scientists and scientific schoolssupport (МК-3344.2012.6) Research topic : «Cultural Landscape of Vyatka in themeta geographical dimension». Head – Department of Cultural Studies, docent O.V.Desyatkova. Executors: Department of Cultural Studies, docent E.V.Voronova, postgraduate L.A. Lobachova.
  10. 10. Research workof the Department of Cultural Studiesand Journalism
  11. 11. A person as an object and a subject of media culture:a global media environment and its effect on societyMedia Culture - a special type of information society culture, the study of whichrequires an interdisciplinary cognitive approach based on scientific principles ofcultural studies, semiotics, journalism, mass communication theory, management.The object of the study is a person, his nature, social status, ideological positions,spiritual and moral character, intellectual development prospects.Publications:Gmyzina E.V. «Genre of television news as a reflection of self-consciousness of modernsociety», «Appropriation of the past or the reality of media history», «TV talk show as amodel of global mass culture», «Man on TV: the evolution of TV images», «Mediareality as a space of neoarchaic».Gorodilova T.S. «The phenomenon of cultural memory in the information society: statementof the problem», «Creating and saving digital cultural heritage in Russia: Problems andProspects».Voronova E.V. «Domestic media and social media interaction», «Online media and socialnetworks integration in RuNet».
  12. 12. Cultural Landscape of Vyatka in the metageographical dimensionThis project is devoted to the imaginative geography, also known as the geographyof the imagination. This area of the modern humanities is not fully studied. Theperception of space and features of local mythology is to being studied in thecontext of the cultural history of the Vyatka region . The project is funded bythe grant of the President of the Russian Federation for young scientists andscientific schools support.PublicationsDesyatkova O.V. «Meta geographical image of Vyatka in fiction», «Novgorod colonization of Vyatka inthe context of sacred geography of the Russian North», «Sacred geography of South Vyatka cities:intersection of pagan and Christian world view», «Geo poetic image of the Russian province in theworks of Vyatka exiles», «Images of modern Russian Province: Geo poetic journey to Vyatka»,«Town planning ideas of Khlynov in sacred geography of Moskovskaya Rus», «Ustnedumskayaabode: the theology of the "island of salvation" in Vyatka land».Lobachova L.A. «Park culture of Kirov in the context of Soviet gardens and parks development in30-50s. twentieth century», «Ryabovo village as an associative landscape in the art of Appolinaryand Victor Vasnetsovs».Desyatkova O.V., Voronova E.V. Cultural environment of Vyatka in XVI - beginning of XXcentury: Traning manual. – Kirov: publishing house «O-Kratkoye», 2012. – 128 p.
  13. 13. Multi-ethnic and multi-faith cultureenvironment of VyatkaThe Volgo-Vyatsky region is home to people with a rich spiritual and material heritage.The worldview reflection in folk art, book culture, iconography and architecture.The object of the study is peculiarities of interaction and the formation of culturalspace in the context of the multi-ethnic and multi-faith environment of the region.PublicationsBikova E.S. «Modern problems of expeditionary research in the study of national traditionalculture and arts in the humanities and creative occupations», «The Image of Piligrim inthe World Art from the Middle Ages to modernity», «Sacred space of the prayer house inthe Pomeranian Old Believers Church», «Iconographic features of Our Lady image of theOld Believers environment», «Features of the Russian consciousness and itsmanifestation in the iconographic image of holiness», «Stories about the holy places inOld Believers of Zavolzhie (in dilogy of P.I. Melnikov-Pechersky "In the woods" and "Atthe Mountainss")», «The ritual of forgiveness in the Russian Orthodox culture»,«Iconographic features of Old Believer icons in the Volga-Vyatsky region».
  14. 14. Modern world language landscapeIn recent years, world language landscape has become one of the most topical issues of linguistics. Itincludes the representation of reality, as reflected in the language of signs and meanings and alsothe results of the objective world reflection by an ordinary or artistic mind of a languagecommunity. Language world landscape is created by the nominative, functional and imaginativemeans of a language. They are the main object of study in this research.PublicationsDegtyarova M.M. “Near-far“ opposition as an artistic interpretation of the text (based on the poem "TheDream“, Lermontov M.Y.), Codify and conspiracy function substantive metaphorical phrases in thepoetry of the Silver Age (on the base of the semantic field of a word "city"), Author’s sensual picture ofthe world (based on the poem "The Dream“, by Lermontov M.Y.).Zlobin A.A. Russian concept of "freedom" from the dictionary to the text (based on the works ofSolzhenitsyn A.I.), Artistic concept of "freedom" in the linguistic world of Solzhenitsyn A.I, "Libertyand Freedom: The comparative aspect of performance (based on the works of Solzhenitsyn A.I.)“."The semantic structure of the adjective “free” in the works of Solzhenitsyn A.I."," Research work ofauthorship: textual aspect. "Gmyzina E.V. Color as Lingvo-cultural concept of medieval Russia, Semantics of color designation as anarena of interaction between cultures in the modern world, Lingvo-culturology in the context ofmodern linguistics humanities: the justification of the term "world language landscape“. Color as acultural and language concept of medieval Russia.
  15. 15. Methods of teaching Russian and Culture of Speechat the UniversityFormation of speech competency of a specialist is one of the objectives of higher education.This requires continuous improvement of teaching methods and rhetorical languagemodules disciplines, improve the methodological theory.PublicationsDegtyarova M.V. Functional stylistics of the Russian language (study guide), Practical work on literaturethe history of language (study guide), Practical work on the Russian language: spelling andpunctuation (study guide).Zlobin A.A. Russian language and culture of speech. Normative aspect (study guide), orthoepic norms ofmodern Russian language (teaching aid), Practical work on Modern Russian punctuation (teachingaid).Isupova S.M. "Art of Speech" (study guide), “Technique of work with artistic text", "Possibilities ofelectronic aids in the study of the humanities“, “Development of student speech culture in theinformation society."Komarova N.I. “Culture of scientific speech“ (study guide), "Theoretical basis for the formation ofprofessional language culture of the future experts“ , “The problems of teaching Russian for foreignstudents at Russian universities. "
  16. 16. Problems of business culture development in RussiaBusiness culture - a social and cultural phenomenon that characterizes thenew formation of relations, which is closely related to the marketeconomies. Penetrating all spheres of human activity, it not only createsdifferent values ​​with the professional community, but transforms andtraditional culture and directs it to the path of the new civilizationdevelopment, which the modern Russian society will have to go through.PublicationsYurochkina I.N. "Elements of methodical system for creating a business culture of the futuremanager in the university", "Formation of the business culture of the future manager of theuniversity", "Research of management anomalies of government employees: a bribe or a gift?“,"Moral portrait of a government employee at the present time (according to the diagnosis ofstudents and employees of the public service)“.Shamov I.V. "The stages of development of the business culture", "Creative potential as the basis ofthe modernization of Russia", "Creating internal corporate universities as a way to developcreative potential of staff," "innovative companies as a condition of the formation of itscompetitiveness", "The role of government in enhancing innovation activity of companies. "
  17. 17. Sound-music-culture: theoretical and historical aspects ofthe studyAs part of an interdisciplinary study, many different schools achievements are verified:in schools of musicology, ethnography, cultural anthropology and sociology.Empirical musical material is related to philosophy and synergetics the one hand,and psychoacoustics and cognitive science, on the other.PublicationsChashina S.V. "Debussy: search of the archaic music style (some features of intonationrhythm-parallelism in the composers work)", “Tune-Sound-sonor as the basis of musicalarchitectonics", "Piano sound of Claude Debussy: between tradition and avant-garde."Desyatkova O.V. Музыкальные стили Западной Европы в историческом развитии (учебноепособие). Musical styles of Western Europe in the historical development (thestudyguide).
  18. 18. Research interests of theDepartment of Cultural Studiesand Journalism
  19. 19. Elvira Viktorovna Gmyzina,PhD Cultural Studies, docent, Head of the Department ofCultural Studies and JournalismResearch area: History and semiotics ofculture, Media Culture, Socio-cultural design, The history of domesticjournalism
  20. 20. Gorodilova Tatyana Sergeyevna,PhD, docent, Department of Cultural Studies andJournalismResearch area: Theory, philosophyand methodology ofculture Culture InformationSociety Media philosophy.
  21. 21. Desyatkova Olga Vladimirovna,PhD, docent, Department of Cultural Studies andJournalismResearch area: problem of theformation anddevelopment of thecultural landscape ofRussian provinces(based on the exampleof Vyatka culture) sociology of culture.
  22. 22. Voronova Elena Vasilyevna,PhD, docent, Department of Cultural Studies andJournalismResearch area: Applied CulturalStudies, The influence ofcreative industries onthe cultural landscape, Cultural Studies ineveryday life.
  23. 23. Bykova Ekaterina Vasilyevna,PhD, docent, Department of Cultural Studies andJournalismResearch area: старообрядческаякультура в Волго-Вятском регионе, старопечатные ирукописные книги, иконописание XVII –XXI вв., стилистическиеособенности развитияискусства.
  24. 24. Chashina Svetlana Vasilyevna,PhD, docent, Department of Cultural Studies andJournalismResearch area: Note value in works ofK. Debussy Visual Culture Design: Theory,History, Practice
  25. 25. Yurochkina Irina Nikolaevna,PhD, docent, Department of Cultural Studies andJournalismResearch area: профессиональная(деловая) этика, мультимедийныетехнологии вобразовательномпроцессе.
  26. 26. Nagovitsina Marina Petrovna,PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Cultural Studiesand JournalismResearch area: Traditional fair folklorein modern masscelebrations Modern technologies ofsocio-cultural activities.
  27. 27. Shamov Igor Vyacheslavovich,Lecturer of the Department of Cultural Studies andJournalismResearch area: A individual in todaysbusiness culture, Corporate culture
  28. 28. Degteryova Marina Valeryevna,PhD, Prof, Department of Cultural Studies andJournalismResearch area: Morphology and Syntaxof the modern Russianlanguage, Russian, stylistics andculture of speech, History of the styles offiction
  29. 29. Zlobin Andrei Alexndrovich,PhD, docent, Department of Cultural Studies andJournalismResearch area: Russian language worldlandscape, Cognitive Linguistics, Linguistic and CulturalStudies.
  30. 30. Isupova Svetlana MikhailovnaPhD, docent, Department of Cultural Studies andJournalismResearch area: Russian languageecology, literature regionalstudies, evolutionary processesin the development ofRussian literature of theXIX century.
  31. 31. Komarova Nadezhda Ivanovna,Senior Lecturer, Department of Cultural Studies andJournalismResearch area: students speech culturedevelopment, teaching Russian as aforeign language
  32. 32. Contacts:Vice-Rector for Science and InnovationSergei Gennadyevich LitvinetsPhone: 88332 64-15-91.E-mail: litvinets@vyatsu.ruDepartment of Cultural Studies and JournalismPhone: 88332 64-40-10Е-mail: