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Marketing plan for a new android app


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The marketing plan is comprised of four key components: (1) an executive summary that outlines the highlights of the marketing plan, (2) a situation analysis that examines the environment in which the company operates and identifies the target market(s) in which it competes, (3) an action plan that outlines the proposed course of action to create value for its target customers, and (4) exhibits that provide additional information about specific aspects of the marketing plan. The core of the marketing plan is the action plan, which outlines the company’s goal and the proposed course of action? Because the action plan, in turn, comprises five different components—goal, strategy, tactics, implementation, and control (the G-STIC framework)—the company's action plan is often viewed in terms of eight key elements.

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Marketing plan for a new android app

  1. 1. Marketing Plan for A New Android App: nourish your idea
  2. 2. AGENDA  Executive Summary  Situation Analysis  Goal  Strategy  Tactics  Implementation
  3. 3. Infinity is an app which provides platform to engineers to share their problems of projects or idea , provide platform to take technical help .
  4. 4.  Using Infinity people can share their problem of projects or idea.  People having innovative solution of problem have platform to share solution.
  5. 5. Some problem may become obstacle for project or idea . Many time student stop working on their idea
  6. 6. We provide platform to link their idea and solution
  7. 7. SWOT
  8. 8. Potential customer College Students 54% Young professionals 32% Common house hold people 12% Others 2%
  9. 9. Target Customer
  10. 10. College Student
  11. 11. Professional
  12. 12. Intern student
  13. 13.  Provide Best services.  To generate 10,000 user within 6 Month  Sponsorship for Application
  14. 14. • Customers • Collaborators • Company • Competitors • Context TARGET MARKET • Customer value • Collaborator value • Company value VALUE PROPORTION
  17. 17. COLLABORATIONS Suppliers • Journalists for local information or some native volunteers. • Developers; or other intermediaries. Communicatio n Partners • Google play store. • Sites of – different words and meaning companies. • Additional grammar and comprehension. Channel Members –
  18. 18. Company The strategic business unit responsible for - • Developers and Maintenance of app – App Developers • Worldwide Marketing and Promotion – Marketing Department • Sponsorships – Tie-up partners • Distributors – Collaborators & Suppliers Key stakeholders - • Developers • Marketing Management Team • The Collaborators • Distributors/ suppliers
  20. 20. CUSTOMER VALUE • Introduce best services with ever growing demand Value Proportion • Exhaustive marketing with target customers Positioning Strategy • 24 X7 available app on Google play store Positioning Statement
  21. 21. TACTICS Product Service Brand PriceIncentives Communi cations distributi on
  22. 22. ATTRIBUTES An android app BENIFITES 24 x 7 available COSTS For first one month free trail download
  23. 23. price:4$ this price is less than the amount spent by targeted segment scanning their documents and we are providing a lot more additional useful features and it will be affordable by targeted segment.
  24. 24. Communication
  25. 25. 1)featuring in Social Media groups and communities, 2)promote the app through promo video 3)Shout out on social channels 4)Contact Tech and app Review bloggers 5)Ask user to rate and share
  26. 26. INFRASTRUCTURE A marketing team with sub groups focusing on communication channels, distributors & suppliers, along with sales force team
  27. 27. Scanning the Marketing Environment, Forecasting Demand, and Conducting Marketing Research Analysing Consumer Markets Analysing Business Markets Defining the Android App’s mission: Identifying core competencies and choosing value Identifying Market segments and targets and crafting the Market Positioning Setting up Strategic Business Unit Setting Product Strategy Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Managing a holistic Marketing Organisation for the long run
  28. 28. Submitted by: Vivek Kumar Gupta NIT Jalandhar