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The ABCs of Home Automation - Smart Home Basics | Vivint Smart Home


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Home automation offers exciting possibilities for homeowners to simplify and improve their home experience. With scores of smart home products on the market, it can sometimes be hard to know which products really work and make the biggest difference.

Home automation control combined with intelligent learning can turn a bunch of products into a fully integrated smart home.

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The ABCs of Home Automation - Smart Home Basics | Vivint Smart Home

  1. 1. The abc’s of home automation
  2. 2. Voice control integration makes controlling your smart home simple and effective. Just ask Alexa. Amazon Echo
  3. 3. A quality security system is vital to any smart home system. Keep your home safe with the latest burglary detection technology. Burglary Detection
  4. 4. A truly smart home works for you and automates tasks, but nothing is better than complete control when you want it. Control Armed Away Front Door Garage Door
  5. 5. A doorbell camera automatically detects when a visitor is at the door and gives you two-way talk capability right from your smart phone. Doorbell Camera
  6. 6. The Vivint Element™ Thermostat works with your smart home system to save you money and keep you comfortable. Element Thermostat 75
  7. 7. When it comes to smart home, more connectivity equals more flexibility, allowing you to manage your home from anywhere. Flexibility Armed Away
  8. 8. Google Home allows you to easily manage your smart home with the power of your voice. Just say, “OK, Google _____” Google Home
  9. 9. The Vivint Smart Drive™ gives you 1 TB of digital storage automatically backed up in the cloud, and available when you want it. High-Volume Storage
  10. 10. A smart home is more than a bunch of fancy gadgets. Connecting these parts together provides your family with seamless comfort. Interconnectivity
  11. 11. Vivint Smart Home™ ensures help is never more than a phone call away by having trained smart home experts available 24/7. Just A Call Away
  12. 12. A complete smart home service lets you keep an eye on your home from anywhere, with direct access to every security camera in your home. Keep an Eye on Home
  13. 13. Our Smart Home Specialists™ reach out to you if an alarm is triggered. If they can’t reach you, they immediately contact local authorities. Lightning-Fast Response
  14. 14. Keep elderly family members safe with this easy-to-use wearable that alerts our monitoring team in case of emergency. Medical Alert Pendant
  15. 15. The Nest Learning Thermostat® tracks your habits and anticipates your needs to keep you comfortable all day. Nest Thermostat
  16. 16. Complete your home security system with outdoor cameras that give you a window into what’s happening around your home. Outdoor Cameras
  17. 17. The Vivint Ping™ Camera is an indoor camera that delivers a combination of true two-way talk and a wide image, which is perfect for parents. Ping Camera
  18. 18. Tools like smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, and glass break detectors are important parts of any smart home. Quality Detection
  19. 19. Professional installation of your smart home means your smart home is ready to go right from the beginning. Ready for Use
  20. 20. Smart locks give you the ability to lock and unlock your doors from the next room, or even the next state. Go keyless and use unique passcodes. Smart Locks
  21. 21. At the center of your smart home is the Vivint SkyControl™ Panel with a 7-inch touchscreen that’s easy to navigate and use. Touchscreen Panels Everything looks good. Your home is ready to arm.
  22. 22. Upgrading to a smart thermostat can save you big money on your utility bills while helping you stay comfortable. Utility Bill Savings
  23. 23. The Vivint Smart Home app takes all the functionality of your smart home and puts it in the palm of your hand, giving you control from anywhere. Vivint Smart Home app
  24. 24. View stored video from your indoor and outdoor cameras at any time from anywhere through your Vivint Smart Home app. Watch HD Video
  25. 25. Our Smart Home Pros™ provide in-home consultations to help you design a custom sytem for your home and then take care of the installation. Expert Installation
  26. 26. Smart home tech provides solutions your whole family will love. Simplify life and spend more time with one another. Your Happy Family
  27. 27. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you have control when you want it and security when you need it is hard to beat. Zen in Your Home
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