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Detailed Guide: 8 Must-Have Elements of an Effective #LandingPage


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Done well, a landing page can be a dream come true: making money while you sleep.

But making an effective landing page is not an easy job. Done poorly, it will end up being a very sad and lonely place.

Here are the 8 essential elements that make a difference between an effective landing page and a ghost town, visited only by an occasional tumbleweed.

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Detailed Guide: 8 Must-Have Elements of an Effective #LandingPage

  1. etail D ide: d Gu e 8 must-have elements of an effective LANDING PAGE 2 Bonuses included Look for: By @VladBlagi,
  2. 1 Grab their ATTENTIO N
  3. You got 8 seconds before they surf away
  5. Headline formula: UVP = UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION “UVP is a single, clear and compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying.” –Steve Blank
  6. !  Hot fresh pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or it’s free (Domino’s). !  Not More Numbers, But Actionable Metrics (USERcycle). Try this: End result your prospect desires + specific period of time + remove objections
  7. U VP U What u get The end benefit
  8. Subhead: tell us what it is (or what we get) in CLEAR LANGUAGE KissMetrics UserVoice 99designs
  9. They are hiring? ??? ???
  10. 2 Arouse their DESIRE
  11. There’s got to be A BETTER WAY
  12. DEMONSTRATE Results they get Compelling example of exactly what you get See it in action (on your website) in a couple of seconds
  13. Show them the VALUE Make the value as explicit, concrete and as quantified as you can
  14. Tell them HOW IT WORKS
  15. Give them an “A-HA” MOMENT With millions of crowd -sourced contacts And Dun & Bradstreet company profiles Give your prospect a glimpse of your secret sauce What makes you unique?
  16. 3 ACTION Call the visitor to
  17. Make it stand out. Tell them what they get
  18. Don’t: include many options. Make the CTA the only element the visitor can click on!
  19. Immediate action. But: what’s a mob?
  20. ACTIO FEARS N 4 Reduce their
  21. Do you know what to put on your landing page? Useful resource Useful tool To help you create content for your landing pages Check it out here:"" Sales pitch Canvas: A free (brainstorm) tool with 9 essential elements of any sales argumentation
  22. Unearth your prospect’s ANXIETIES Every single prospect is anxious about making a purchase.
  23. Give them a way to raise questions
  24. Turn objections into REASONS TO BUY Objection Financial: will I get my ROI (return on investment)? How fast this will happen? Counter argument Facebook gives companies a 22% lift in ROI. Product-needs risk. yes your product may Outline the features of your product in detail. Give them a free trial work for xyz, but will it work for me? Competitor risk: fear of choosing the wrong Virgin has no problem detailing how their service is better than that of Sky, to option. great effect. Compatibility risk: how does your solution Emphasize a minimal, if any, impact on your prospect’s business. fit into the way your prospect works today?
  25. 5 Build trust and CREDIBILITY
  26. Bring out your EVANGELISTS If pictures are worth a thousand words, then credible customer testimonials are worth even more
  27. As SEEN IN…
  28. 6 Help them DECIDE
  29. Show value for MONEY
  30. Set up an ANCHOR Headspace app anchors their price by comparing it to 2 daily lattes.
  31. Don’t celebrate TOO EARLY How can you ensure your customer doesn’t bail out?
  32. 7 Give some to GET SOME
  33. 8GREAT Make it look
  34. Does it look professional? This site is more credible. I find it to be much more professional looking M, 38, Washington More pleasing graphics, higher-quality look and feel F, 52, Tennessee Just looks more credible. M, 24, New Jersey The design is sloppy and looks like some adolescent boys in a garage threw this together. F, 48, California Not very professional looking. Don’t like the cheesy graphics. F, 33, Washington Looks childish and like it was put together in 5 minutes. F, 25, Maryland
  35. A landing page is Useful resource Just 1 OUT OF 5 elements needed to turn visitors into customers 5 VIDEOS DESCRIBING THE COMPLETE SYSTEM Check it out here:""