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Twice Reply_Company Presentation


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Twice Reply_Company Presentation

  1. 1. Twice Reply Brief company presentation Munich, January 2015
  2. 2. 2 Strategy Twice Reply - Who we are Processes Digital Agenda Digitization CX X-Selling Twice Reply is a consulting company focused on Digital Transformation, offering services along the entire digital value chain. We deliver End-to-End with specialists within the Reply Network to combine strategy, program management and technological expertise with successful delivery.
  3. 3. 3 We work jointly with client teams from marketing, strategy, customer care and IT to deliver programs successfully, enabling us to apply our expertise to a wide range of business models and markets Service OfferingDigital CRM Omni-channel Customer Engagement Content & Commerce Platforms Business Models & Product MonetizationDigital Business Optimization & Innovation Digital Content Strategy & Distribution Simplification of processes, Digitization of customer journeys, and Digital Customer Acquisition represent urgent company needs today. Twice provides the right advice Twice Reply – Service Offering
  4. 4. 4 Twice Reply – Core Activities along the Value Chain §  Process  Design/ Re-­‐engineering*   §  Digital  Process   Requirements   §  Use  Case  Deep-­‐ Dive   §  Digital  Process   Specifica:on   §  Digital  Customer   Experience*   §  Use  Case   Defini:on   §  Product  Range   §  Digital  Go-­‐to-­‐ Market   §  Omnichannel   Strategy*   §  Change   Management*   §  Architecture  &   ImplementaAon   Strategy*     Func%onal  Ac%vi%es   §  Vision/Mission   Defini:on   §  Priority  SeBng   §  Product  Review     §  Project  Review   §  Digital  Roadmap*   §  OrganizaAonal   Review*   §  Governance   Development   Process   Simplifica%on   §  Digital  Retail   Strategy*   §  Point  of  Sale   (POS)  PlaIorm   Due  Diligence*   §  Agent  Training   §  Data-­‐driven   Business  Concept   §  Conversion   Op:miza:on       §  Digital  Customer   AcquisiAon*   §  Digital  Ecosystems   §  Traffic  Genera:on   §  Social  Interac:on   Concept  and   Development   §  Tech./PlaIorm   Due  Diligence*   §  Agile   Methodology   Training   §  PlaIorm   Decision*   §  Development         Set-­‐up   §  Security   §  Analy:cs   §  Quality  Assurance   Up/Cross   Selling   Digi%za%on      Progressive  Integra%on  with  Reply  Units     Imagina%on   Strategy   Development   Strategy  SeAng:   “Digital  Agenda”   * Twice Reply capability focus
  5. 5. 5 We combine the competence of a digital consultancy company with the technological expertise of a large network of companies, supporting our clients to succeed on their digital transformation journey. §  Flexible & responsive to the individual needs of customers §  Delivery across all industries §  Hybrid creative and tech capabilities §  Pragmatic project approach §  Rapid and cost-effective delivery §  Sales team = Delivery team CONSULTANCY §  A range of specific technical expertise and industry focus §  Execution capability §  Over 4.500 well trained, certified professionals §  Quick and responsive network consisting of 60+ specialized companies §  Maturity – proven methodologies NETWORK Twice Reply – Living the Reply Network
  6. 6. 6 Thank you!