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Designed to Win: How to Monetize Users and Enhance Experience in Your Game

Game developers often struggle to create a balance between monetization and great user experience that translates into player engagement and loyalty. However, there are a few games that not only seamlessly blend advertising, but also use advertising to improve the economy of the game and enhance overall player satisfaction. In this session, you will learn how to select natural points in the game flow and design events or placements for ads that enhance monetization without compromising the user experience. You will learn a simple framework based on research in psychology, behavioral economics and game design and the combined experience gained from advising more than 1000 publishers that's applicable to your game right away.

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Designed to Win: How to Monetize Users and Enhance Experience in Your Game

  1. 1. DESIGNED TO WIN How to Monetize Users and Enhance Experience in Your Game Infrastructure for in-app video advertising
  2. 2. 2Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising A LITTLE ABOUT US Jahed Momand Sr. UX Designer Contact Vungle: Michal Pilawski VP of Product
  3. 3. 3Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising 85% 72% 62% (93% per game) THE PRICE MOST CONSUMERS ARE WILLING TO PAY
  4. 4. 4Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising BUT ADVERTISERS PAY THEIR BILLS 49% 46% 7%
  5. 5. Infrastructure for In-app Video Advertising ADVERTISING CAN BE HELPFUL
  6. 6. 6Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising BUT IT MOSTLY INTERRUPTS FUN AND CREATES NOISE KESSELSKRAMER AdvertisingforPeopleWho Don’tLikeAdvertising
  7. 7. Infrastructure for In-app Video Advertising THEAVERAGEAMERICAN SEES 5,000ADSADAY
  8. 8. 8Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising AND WE LEARN TO IGNORE ALL OF THEM Click-through rate in 1994: 74% Click-through rate in 2006: 26% Click-through rate in 2014: 0.05% Click-through rate in 2014: 0.38% WEB MOBILE
  9. 9. 9Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising THE ADVERTISING INDUSTRY COMBATS THIS WITH DECEPTION
  10. 10. 10Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising FOR WHICH WE COINED A TERM: NATIVE ADVERTISING
  11. 11. 11Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising OR BY INSERTING ADS WHEN WE ARE MOST ENGAGED
  12. 12. 12Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising THESE INTERRUPTIONS CAN REALLY ANNOY YOUR PLAYERS
  13. 13. 13Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising ALTERNATIVE: PERMISSION MARKETING Permission marketing is about creating value for consumers, so they actually voluntarily engage with ads. Anticipated  Personal  Relevant
  14. 14. 14Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising EXAMPLES OF PERMISSION MARKETING Virgin Atlantic Blog Dollar Shave Club Viral Video
  15. 15. 15Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising Example of Permission Marketing in GamesPERMISSION MARKETING IN ZOMBIE CATCHERS
  16. 16. 16Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising PERMISSION MARKETING IN ZOMBIE CATCHERS
  17. 17. 17Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising IN-APP VIDEO ADS EXTENDED USER SESSION LENGTH BY 25%
  18. 18. 18Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising ADVERTISING CAN ACTUALLY BE A FEATURE OF A GAME Sources: Electronic Arts, Wildtangent, IHS, Macrovision, Strata, Wall Street Journal 86% prefer free games with ads over paid games without ads 71% prefer games with opt-in ads over games without 94% increase in the no. of visitors to in-game store
  19. 19. 19Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising STARS FRAMEWORK FOR TURNING ADS INTO FEATURES Scene Trigger Action Reward Seed
  20. 20. 20Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising ORIGIN OF THE STARS FRAMEWORK Combined experience of advising 100s of mobile games Research in game design, psychology, HCI and behavioral economics
  21. 21. 21Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising Scene: event or placement within your game where ads will provide value to the consumer. From a cutscene or event scene, a sequence in a video game that is not interactive, a break in the gameplay. CHOOSE THE RIGHT SCENE FOR THE AD
  22. 22. 22Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising MAKE SURE YOU REACH ENOUGH PEOPLE
  23. 23. 23Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising DON’T BREAK THE FLOW OF THE GAME Resolution Climax Crisis Story Progress Commercial Break Cliffhanger model Ads interrupt at the peak of crisis to keep viewers’ attention on the screen during the commercial break.
  24. 24. 24Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising TARGET PERIODS OF REST OR WAITING Resolution Climax (Final Boss) Crisis (Boss Fight) Story Progress STARS model Ads shown at natural breaks when players rest after particularly intensive challenge or wait for resources to be replenished .
  25. 25. 25Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising PROVIDE VALUE WHERE PLAYERS NEED IT MOST
  26. 26. 26Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising Trigger is a cue for a player to take actionTRIGGERS ARE CUES FOR PLAYERS TO TAKE ACTION
  28. 28. 28Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising INTERNAL TRIGGERS ARE EMOTIONS: SEEKING PLEASURE AND AVOIDING PAIN Avoid boredom: waiting, loading time Relief frustration: reward after a loss
  29. 29. 29Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising 2S WAIT 7% of customers lost 5S WAIT 22% of customers lost 20S WAIT half of customers lost
  30. 30. 30Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising MAKE SURE THE EXPERIENCE IS GREAT • SPEED • QUALITY • DESIGN • RELEVANCE
  31. 31. 31Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising IT IS NOT ONLY ABOUT CURRENCY Social Rewards Access Rewards Progression Rewards
  33. 33. 33Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising ACCESS REWARDS HELP PLAYERS DISCOVER AND UNLOCK UNIQUE CONTENT
  34. 34. 34Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising PROGRESSION REWARDS HELP PLAYERS PROGRESS IN THE GAME Scarcity Luck (Variable Reward) Require Significant Effort
  35. 35. 35Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising PLANT A SEED FOR MORE MONETIZATION
  36. 36. 36Infrastructure for In-App Video Advertising STARS FRAMEWORK REVIEW Scene Trigger Action Reward Seed
  37. 37. Infrastructure for In-app Video Advertising Thank you …
  38. 38. 38 MEET THE SPEAKERS! Join us tonight from 6-8pm @ Oola (RSVP in back) Ben Bear VP, Sales Colin Behr VP, Business Development and International Michal Pilawski VP, Product Jahed Momand Sr. UX Designer
  39. 39. Infrastructure for In-app Video Advertising Q&A Questions?