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Evaluation question 3 (Pt1)


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Published in: Education
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Evaluation question 3 (Pt1)

  1. 1. Winnie SD What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  2. 2.   Throughout the entire process of producing these products I asked for frequent audience feedback from my target audience. Audience feedback is essential because without it, companies would make many non-profitable products that nobody actually likes because they have not analysed their target audience to make something they would like to consume. Why?
  3. 3.  Target Audience  The first piece of audience feedback I completed was a questionnaire to help me decide my genre of music was one that my target audience actually enjoyed. I aimed it at young girls aged 13-19. The questionnaire included some questions about their favourite genre of music and how often they listen to pop music.  I also included a few lifestyle questions such as how often they listen to music a day and what activities they did in their free time. From this questionnaire I gathered that my target audience do like pop music and enjoy social media.
  4. 4.   Once I had decided on the genre Pop, I set about choosing a song. There are millions of songs in this genre which made it quite difficult to choose one to use as my music video. I narrowed it down to a solo artist who was female as I would find this easiest to work with. I went through all the artists I knew that fit my genre and listened to some album tracks that weren’t very popular. Song Choice
  5. 5.   Finally, I narrowed the songs down to 3 options: Shontelle – T-Shirt, Alexis Jordan – How you like me now or Cher Lloyd – Want u back.  I played these songs to a few members of my target audience and they agreed on the Alexis Jordan song.
  6. 6.   With the song and the genre decided, I then proceeded to brainstorm different ideas for my music video. I watched many different videos for inspiration and came up with 4 different ideas from which to choose from. Concept Ideas
  7. 7.  Park Location  The first was a Park location in London in which my actress would be seen having flashbacks of her time spent there with her boyfriend.  This idea was the least liked of the 4 because my audience said “It sounds boring” and “Doesn’t fit the lyrics”. This implied that they like music videos where the visuals illustrate the lyrics, according to Andrew Goodwin.
  8. 8.  Club Location  The second was a club location where my actress would be seen partying and getting over her ex.  This was the 2nd most popular idea, however did not quite convey the message I wanted. I wanted young girls to feel empowered to improve themselves rather than go out drinking.
  9. 9.  House Location  The third idea was a house location. This was the most popular idea of the 4 and is the one I used.  My audience members liked it because the “Location fits the lyrics of the song well” and they can “picture what it will look like”.
  10. 10.  Performance Location  The last idea was a performance location such as a bar or plain backgrounds with a lot of lip- singing.  My target audience were not keen on this idea as they said they “prefer music videos with a storyline”.