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WeGov Brochure (New!)

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WeGov Brochure (New!)

  1. 1. The AimThe aim of the WeGov project is to improve the engagementbetween government policy-makers and citizens via popularsocial networking sites.The ConceptGovernment policy-makers can better engage with citizens byutilising channels citizens already use and are familiar with!Social media – like Twitter and Facebook – have been identifiedas the most effective tools of engagement due to their popular- WeGov_projectity, ease of access, and the rapid information flow that theyallow.The SolutionThe WeGov toolbox (software solution), is a web application,which includes tools and components that support policy-makersin the analysis of social networks.• Search - searches and monitors discussions on socialnetworking sites according to parameters such as: whichnetworks to search, keywords defining the theme of the query,and geographical locations. The output of searches can be usedin WeGov’s analysis tools. WeGov project• Topic Analysis - reorganizes & summarises commentsaccording to groups of words (concept groups) that representareas of discussions within a wider debate, enabling the user toquickly see themes running through the comments.• Discussion Activity Analysis - highlights important postsby predicting which posts and users will generate more atten-tion.• User Behaviour Analysis - predicts who the influentialsocial media users are by classifying them according to theirbehaviour and interactions within social media. Get familiar with the WeGov project wegov Closing the loop between governments & citizens This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under the SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME THEME ICT 2009.7.3 ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling.
  2. 2. What is the added value?The WeGov solution intended to be flexible and applicable to many different usecases!This web application enables beneficiaries to make full use of the high level ofparticipation and rich discussions that already take place in existing socialnetworking sites.What’s in it for policy makers?Policy-makers benefit from the WeGov solution as they move away from thelimitations inherent in the current practice of using bespoke and dedicatedplatforms to engage with their citizens.The WeGov cutting-edge toolbox provides policy-makers an advantage in:• using the power of social networking to improve the policy-making process;• engaging with citizens via social media & understanding their actual opinions;• highlighting those citizens’ opinions that should influence policy decisions.