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How To Take Care Of Pregnant Wife A Guide To Man

A complete guide providing tips to a husband to take care of his pregnant wife so that they become aware and face the unknown complications. Make your wife feel special and loved which is the best medicine.

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How To Take Care Of Pregnant Wife A Guide To Man

  1. 1. How To Take Care Of Pregnant Wife- A Guide To Man
  2. 2. How To Take Care Of Pregnant W Pregnancy is the most awaited and elated moment of women’s life. The husband feels extremely blessed and finds different ways to make his wife happy. It’s the time to face  the  unknown for both the husband and wife. It marks the inception of managing  money and personal  finance. If your wife is pregnant and you really want to give the best to take care of your wife then the following acts as a guide enhancing the responsibility of  man. Page 2 of 9
  3. 3. How To Take Care Of Pregnant W Medical care It is the responsibility  of  man to take his pregnant wife for regular medical check-up. Few become lethargic after one or two visit. This must be avoided as it might lead to serious problems in the future. Avoid too much of external rays Doctors recommend ultra sound techniques to determine the condition of baby inside the womb. Many couples take this as a habit and undergo many scans which might eventually harm the baby. … Page 3 of 9
  4. 4. How To Take Care Of Pregnant W Page 4 of 9 Experts claim that  these  rays  might  hurt the baby causing malfunctions. Be active The  pregnant women might  become  lazy and weak. It is the duty of husband  to  take  her  for  regular  walk  and  make  her  active.  The  simple  methods  given  below can help a lot •Walk  briskly  at  regular  intervals •Practise  yoga  to  release  stress  and  relax  the  mind •Do  simple  exercises  without  much  strain
  5. 5. How To Take Care Of Pregnant W •You  can  also  play  simple  sport  which  energizes your body Experts claim these to be very effective  and they boost up your spirits. Food and hygiene Care  must  be  taken  about  food  habits  as it might directly influence the baby’s  growth.  To  be  on  the  safer  side  it  is  better to consultant the doctor and then  plan your diet. The husband must take  care  of  the  pregnant wife just  like  a  baby as your wife has to undergo a lot  of  hormonal  changes  which  depresses  her.  Page 5 of 9
  6. 6. How To Take Care Of Pregnant W Recommended food habits The experts claim that  the  food  taken  by  the  pregnant women must  be  hygienic  and  healthy.  The  food  stuffs  which  are  recommended  include  the  following: •Excess  of  carbohydrate  rich  diet  like  rice,  wheat,  bread. •Fibre  and  protein  rich  food  like  milk,  completely  boiled  egg  and  pulses. •Plenty of fruits and vegetables. Page 6 of 9
  7. 7. How To Take Care Of Pregnant W Fish rich in omega fatty acids and proteins can also be taken making it better along with other balanced diet. Take simple healthy foods for managing money and personal finance. Food habits to be avoided by a pregnant lady include the following, •Under or overcooked non-vegetarian dishes such as fish and meat. •Ripened cheese varieties. •Milk that has not undergone pasteurization. •Avoid coffee, tea and carbonated drinks which are rich in caffeine Page 7 of 9
  8. 8. How To Take Care Of Pregnant Wife- A Guide To Man If the above food is not avoided then it’s the time to face the unknown health related disorders. Good sleep A pregnant lady requires enough of sleep. Pampering your wife with love can also be done making it better. Though any position cannot give comfort to pregnant women, she must adjust herself and lay down. If night time sleep doesn’t give cosiness then taking a nap at the noon is also advisable. Page 8 of 9
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