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Wenyard's unbeatable bonus cool!


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Check out wenyard's bonus plans...One more reason to join wenyard and create a financially secure business for yourself.

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Wenyard's unbeatable bonus cool!

  1. 1. Product Bonus The members that joins Wenyard with you as a sponsor are placed in a Right Leg or Left Leg. You can decide a preferred or random leg placement in your settings. Each new signup with you as sponsor generates points: Broker gives the upline 100 points, Pro Broker 300 points and Executive Broker 800 points. Balance rule is set to 1/2. For example, if you have 400 points in one leg and 800 points in the other leg, you get paid on all points. Points are accumulated for 6 months. You can save points for 6 months if you have one leg with points you dont get paid on right now. You get paid in steps of 400 points. The step value is variable, and is currently (Feb 5th 2014) set at €40 but this can change at any time. Qualification needed for all bonuses You keep yourself qualified for bonuses by buying WFO’s for €10 per week. You also need one personal signup in each leg to be qualified for any bonus commission. Binary Points are accumulated until you are qualified but Matching Bonus are not. Membership It is free to become a Wenyard member and get access to the NASGO trading game. However, to receive any bonus, and be able to profit from trading in NASGO, you have to purchase any of the three Product Packages - Broker, Pro Broker or Executive Broker. €95 (Incl. We-coins worth €95) Product bonus Oneliner Bonus Level 1-3 Recurring Bonus €295 (Incl. We-coins worth €295) Product Bonus Oneliner Bonus Level 1-5 Recurring Bonus Matching Bonus €795 (Incl. We-coins worth €795) Product Bonus Oneliner Bonus Level 1-13 Recurring Bonus Matching Bonus Product Packages COMPENSATION PLAN DOCUMENT - V4.1 - March 17th 2014
  2. 2. OnelinerBonus Oneliner Bonus count starts directly after the date and time of your signup, and you can get paid on everybody in the whole network - downline and crossline. You become qualified for higher levels by sponsoring people and by upgrading your position to Executive Broker. Members Frontlines Package needed WFO Payout/week Level 1 250 0 Broker 5 € Level 2 500 3 Broker 50 € Level 3 750 3 Broker 75 € Level 4 1.000 6 Pro Broker 100 € Level 5 1.500 6 Pro Broker 250 € Level 6 2.500 9 Executive Broker 500 € Level 7 5.000 9 Executive Broker 750 € Level 8 10.000 9 Executive Broker 1 000 € Level 9 15.000 9 Executive Broker 1 500 € Level 10 25.000 18 Executive Broker 3 000 € Level 11 50.000 24 Executive Broker 4 000 € Level 12 100.000 30 Executive Broker 5 000 € Level 13 200.000 36 Executive Broker 6 000 € Matching Bonus Matching bonus is a payment to motivate helping your personally sponsored people to success. »» When you have sponsored 3 people you have 10% of what they get in commission in the Binary plan. »» When you have sponsored 6 people you have 20% of what they get in commission in the Binary plan. »» When you have sponsored 9 people you have 20% of what they get in commission in the Binary plan + that you also have 10% on their personally sponsored people! Of course your downline get 100% of their commission. We just add commission to you, without taking anything from your downline. RecurringBonus For each sell order in the NASGO trading game, a brokerage fee is added. 75% of the total brokerage is added to a fund which is distributed to the Wenyard members as a Recurring Bonus. From this fund, you’ll get paid a different portion depending on your Product Package type - Broker 25%, Pro Broker 50% and Executive Broker 100%.
  3. 3. Payout Conditions Account and Mandatory account When you get a payment, 70% of that payment goes to your Account. From that account you can buy gift certificates, WFO:s and transfer funds to your Towah account/Towah card. The other 30% goes to your Mandatory account. This funds are used to buy We-shares. When you have bought We-shares from your Mandatory account these are escrowed in 30 days. Real time payment. You get paid every time you have achieved one step. The funds will be paid to your account directly as described above. Buying Gift certificates and WFO:s can be done immediately. Sending funds to your Towah E-wallet take 3 weeks. Momentum Bonus To keep the momentum when you start your career in Wenyard we have added a special bonus for that purpose. When you signup a person in Wenyard you will get the same amount of WFO:s as the one you sponsor. You will also extend the time for getting Momentum bonus. When you signup in Wenyard you get 72 hours of Momentum Bonus. So if you keep on sponsoring people you extend the time for getting continuous Momentum Bonus. »» Sponsoring a Broker gets you 24 extra hours on your Momentum Bonus timer. »» Sponsoring a Pro Broker gets you 48 extra hours on your Momentum Bonus timer. »» Sponsoring a Executive Broker gets you 72 extra hours on your Momentum Bonus timer. As Executive Broker with at least 9 personal signups you also get Team Momentum Bonus. This means that you get 10% of the Momentum Bonus which your sponsors downline receive.