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Core passion Factor "Business Mastery"


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The Core Passion Factor Business Mastery training program is designed for business owners with a desire to enhance their business success using the fusion of human energy and business energy to generate profits.

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Core passion Factor "Business Mastery"

  1. 1. The fusion of human energy and business energy
  2. 2.  The Core Passion® Factor has been developedthough years of research and working withmultitudes of business owners to put all the piecesof their business/life together. Our amazing process weaves the energy of thehuman spirit (Core Passion® ) into the energy ofyour business. Linking these to powerful energies into aharmonious flow begins to create measurablebottom line results of synergy, efficiency and profits.
  3. 3.  Chapter 1 – Build your foundation“When you know who you are- you know what to do”• Discover Who you are• Define your business• Create your plan• Develop balance in your life• Achieve powerful results
  4. 4.  Chapter 2 – Market your Uniqueness“When you know Who you are – you know what tosay”• Define your mission• Brand your identity• Position and sell your product/service• Discover and magnetize your perfect client• Determine your value
  5. 5.  Chapter 3 – Measure your profitability and Potential“When you know Who you are-- you know what yourworth”• Create a relationship with money• Learn financial strategies for a profitable business
  6. 6.  Chapter 4 – Lead with strategic intent“When you know Who you are – You know how tolead.”• Authenticity is the most important quality ofsuccessful leaders; being authentic is living yourDestiny to be Who you are in each moment,everywhere you go.
  7. 7. The Core Passion® Factor is a success for businessmovement created from the Core Passion® System:Codes, Keys, and a process for success. Core Passion® Codes – unlock Who you are Core Passion® Keys – Unlock what to do Core Passion® Process – Passion~Vision~Action Core Passion® Focus 4 – Everything we areconnected to and everything we do is bridged tothese 4 quadrants of our life
  8. 8.  Chapter 1: Build Your FoundationWe will go behind the scenes to discover and buildawareness, acceptance, and actualization around theunderlying principles, ideas, and Core Passion®Codes that are driving your business. The Core Passion System provides the Codes, Keys,and a process for success. You will learn how to integrate and apply theknowledge and skills of building your business/lifefrom the inside out.
  9. 9.  Module 1 – Awareness & Perspectives• Reveal, discuss, and explore the 12 Core Passion®Codes (Passion)• Define and articulate your 90 day measurableresults (Vision)• Create an initial series of actions to implement thevision (Action)• Connect to the focus 4 quadrants of life (balance &continuity)
  10. 10.  Module 2 – Acceptance – the tipping point• Believe and connect to the 12 Core Passion® Codes(Passion)• Refine your 90 day measureable results (Vision)• Develop a connection between your thoughts andfeelings to achieve a belief (Action)• Turn your beliefs into values (Balance & Continuity)
  11. 11.  Module 3: -- Actualization & Innovation• Voice of your vision (Passion)• Symbols of your vision (vision)• Timing of your vision (action)• Decoding your vision (Balance & Continuity)
  12. 12.  What are your unique words of wisdom that youhave to offer the world that no one else has inexactly the way you do? Inner awareness must happen before you can haveouter expression; putting your own essence andmagic in the message is the key to actualization. Success does not come from the outside world toyou; it comes from within you flowing out to theworld Magic happens when all areas of your life begin toharmonize
  13. 13. Module 1: Branding- clarify your passion, purpose,and mission in your business. Discover your Uniqueness and create your definingstatement. (Passion) Define and articulate your message (vision) Align the inner and outer message (action)
  14. 14. Module 2: - Positioning – believe your value andidentify your client.• Accept your worth (passion)• Profile your perfect client (vision)• Timing of your marketing (action)
  15. 15. Module 3: -- Marketing – Encode magic in yourmessage• Develop the magnets-words, signs, symbols, colors, textures (passion)• Essence of the message – elevator speech (vision)• Transmission – send the Vibrational message(action)
  16. 16.  Abundance is the natural state. There is no shortageexcept in your mind. When you apply the principlesof receiving, infinite money is potentially availableto all. It starts with a mindset, love and money have thesame energy, what your personal beliefs are aboutyour relationship with money is connected to all ofyour relationships. Having a healthy relationship with money allowsyou have a profitable business and joyful personalrelationships.
  17. 17. Module 1: --Money mindset– Create a relationshipwith money• Discover your relationship beliefs with money(passion)• Define your successful relationship with money(vision)• Embrace and begin your love affair with money(action) this has be touted as our “best million dollaridea yet for success in business.”
  18. 18. Module 2: Money management-- developingtemplates to communicate and measure bottom lineresults.• Develop communication to engage your top fiveCore Passion® Codes with money (passion)• Define the relationship of your codes with yourmoney management system. (vision)• Build your templates and deepen your relationshipwith money (action)
  19. 19. Module 3: --Money manifestation – construct financialstrategies for a profitable business.• Turn your burning desire into GOLD (passion)• Define your financial strategies to leverage yourprofits (vision)• Implement financial strategies for bottom linesuccess (action)
  20. 20.  Leaders show us the way. They are out in front, theyare inspired to achieve their mission. Authenticleaders are aligned with their gifts and power fromthe inside out, they know who they are and theyknow what to do. To be an authentic leader you must have passion,you must know you were born to discover andachieve your purpose. You must use your best efforts to achieve success foryourself as you help others with their successes.
  21. 21. Module 1: --Mastering Time• Time system – planning (vision)• Road Map – Strategies (vision)• Authenticity – accountability & responsibility(action)
  22. 22. Module 2: --Solving Problems–• Mirror work – turning lemons into lemonade• Flow Chart – Productivity• Full engagement
  23. 23. Module 3: --Walking Your Talk• Business supports your mission• Living the dream• Giving back -- fulfillment
  24. 24.  Our year long training program has createdmeasureable success for each and every businessthat participated. Success was measured in several ways; visions wereachieved, a sense of synergy was created with theowners personal mission and their business. Leadership was defined and achieved as each ownerdeveloped their unique words of wisdom. Bottom line profits were increased and a sense offulfillment led to their increase in market share.
  25. 25.  You will qualify if you have a need to increase yourbusiness with Passion & Purpose. Your commitment is to become fully engaged tobeing successful in your personal and professionallife. Your rewards will continue to build as you movepass each phase of resistance that has blocked youin the past. Contact us now to begin your success today in anatural organic way.
  26. 26.  Lori Palm, the Muse: Wes Hamilton, the Master