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Microservices with Spring Cloud


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That presentation covers some aspects of Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS projects, with a working demo using Java 8 and the the goodies that Spring offers. The source code of the demo can be found here ->

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Microservices with Spring Cloud

  1. 1. Microservices Architecture SPRING CLOUD
  2. 2. Monolithic vs Microservices Big Oracle Big Java REST API Feign Clients Ribbon Hystrix Eureka Data Cloud IaaS
  3. 3. Outages 2008
  4. 4. Outage 2016
  5. 5. Spring Cloud
  6. 6. Off-the-shelf Microservices Centralised Configuration Service Discovery Circuit Breaker Distributed Tracing Load Balancing Micro Proxy / Filtering Edge Services
  7. 7. Netflix Hystrix Dashboard