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Make employees brand ambassador


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The Cure makes it easy to make employees brand ambassador. They will keep their communities activated by sharing targeted and planed updates.

Published in: Marketing
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Make employees brand ambassador

  1. 1. The Cure for social sharing Make all employees brand ambassadors
  2. 2. Imagine that
  3. 3. You’ll only have to ask employees once
  4. 4. To Keep Their personal social media profiles activated
  5. 5. First some coffee Traffic Create presentation Worst 2 more visits Target almost reached Meeting sleep Not in The Best mood Going home early Deadline Sharing?
  6. 6. That they won’t ‘forget’ to share
  7. 7. That they share actual and relevant content
  8. 8. Update That they stand out from the crowd
  9. 9. That they building bridges to new clients
  10. 10. That you structurally reach all their connections
  11. 11. That they increase their personal brand
  12. 12. Without any effort for you, or for them
  13. 13. Close your eyes for 3 seconds (open them afterwards)
  14. 14. That is exactly what The Cure does
  15. 15. We make every employee a brand ambassador
  16. 16. Een magnet for new clients
  17. 17. Zonder moeite
  18. 18. Plan a free demo Create brand ambassadors ?