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William Doonan Bio

William Doonan was born and raised in the Bronx N.Y. He is a proud graduate of Fordham College & Brooklyn Law School. Mr. Doonan was admitted to the U.S. Tax Court and started preparing taxes in 1981 with hopes of helping hardworking citizens across the tristate. He is also a former NYC public school 8th grade math teacher and lifeguard of Orchard Beach. For more information about William check out

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William Doonan Bio

  1. 1. William Doonan came from humble beginnings. He was born in 1947 part of the baby boomer generation. His father served in World War 2. William was raised in Eastchester Projects in Bronx, N.Y. with three brothers and two sisters. Mr. Doonan graduated Fordham College and started out teaching in NYC public schools as a math teacher. William Doonan was loved by his coworkers and students. He would buy basketballs, baseballs and sporting equipment regularly with his own money to reward students for doing their homework and giving their best effort in class. He took his 8th grade math class to Yankee Stadium where his students won math competitions for their school. After a few years of teaching, he decided to attend Brooklyn Law School. He taught during the day and worked at night.
  2. 2. After graduating law school he opened up his own tax business. He started by preparing income tax returns for local friends and family and his business began to grow rapidly by word of mouth. Many of his clients were firemen, police officers, nurses, teachers, that would all go and tell their coworkers to go see Mr. Doonan. Mr. Doonan's free consultation and additional free representation was a key to his success. If you don't like the results of your return you don't have to pay. If any client ever received a letter or audit of any kind Mr. Doonan would respond or show up and represent the client for no additional fee. Most of all William attributes his success to the way he treats people. Mr. Doonan lives by the book How to Win Friends & Influence people by Dale Carnegie. He always has something sincere and warmhearted to say about every single person that walks through his door. He is the first one to compliment a client on their smile, outfit, new hair style etc. Mr. Doonan receives the greatest joy in life from helping out his clients and making people feel better about themselves. He lives by the simple moniker, "it's nice to be nice." Mr. Doonan currently resides in the Bronx, N.Y. in the Morris Park area not too far from where he grew up. He is a loving husband to his wife Veronica and father to his son William j.r. He enjoys dancing and swimming when he is not serving his clients.