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Participatory Posts and Gamification: 5 Ways to Increase Social Engagement on Facebook


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Do you engage your consumer with interactive marketing? Do you use gamification methods to increase your social media ROI?

Your customers want shareable content, fun challenges, and rewards for interacting. By successfully using participatory posts and gamification methods, your business marketing will be rewarded too.

In this presentation, I give you 5 social media marketing tactics to keep your customers engaged and sharing your brand on Facebook.

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Participatory Posts and Gamification: 5 Ways to Increase Social Engagement on Facebook

  1. 1. Participatory Posts and Gamification: 5 Ways to Increase Social Engagement on Facebook
  2. 2. Table of Contents: The “This vs. That” Post1 2 Trivia Questions Polls3 Story Sharing4 Socially Shareable Games5
  3. 3. The “This vs. That” Post 1
  4. 4. “This vs. That” 1 Get people participating with your brand, by asking for their opinion. 2 3 Set up simple two choice posts to increase engagement and spread your brand. Make your choices brand related, emotionally engaging, and even controversial to get the greatest participation rates. example from M&M’s Facebook Key takeaways:
  5. 5. Trivia Questions2
  6. 6. Trivia 1 Trivia questions can challenge your Fans, and make them want to participate with you. 2 3 Keep your trivia facts both related to your brand - and relevant to your consumer. Have fun with your trivial pursuits as you educate your market about your brand and products. example from Intel’s Facebook Key takeaways:
  7. 7. Polls3
  8. 8. Polls 1 Get participation on Facebook my making simple poll questions. 2 3 Make your poll questions timely. Use visuals, too, by turning your polls into vote contests. Visuals increase your engagement rates. example from Target’s Facebook Key takeaways: vote contest example from wishpond
  9. 9. Story Sharing4
  10. 10. Story Sharing 1 Increase brand loyalty by creating a story hub. Make an essay contest. 2 3 Give your Fans motivation to write a great story, related to your brand. Include a vote, or social sharing popularity rank, to get your brand spread to friends of participants too. example from Volkswagen’s Facebook Key takeaways:
  11. 11. Socially Shareable Games5
  12. 12. Socially Shareable Games 1 Use online participatory mini-games to increase brand loyalty. 2 3 Make your games easy to share through Facebook. Keep your games related to your brand or products. example from Storage Wars’ Facebook Key takeaways: example from Buffalo Wild Wings
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