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Marevo company presentation 2021(en)

Augmented reality provides much greater opportunities for businesses than ever before. AR/VR technologies are not just for fun, they can also provide additional value for a business.

Take a look at Marevo's presentation 2021.
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Marevo company presentation 2021(en)

  1. 1. We create tools for business
  2. 2. Marevo Kyiv, Ukraine 2018 15 +38 (067) 642-77-28 Slava Bystrytskyi Youtube channel Facebook LinkedIn Augmented reality for mobile devices
  3. 3. Mobile AR apps for iOS/Android 3D-content production
  4. 4. Kakellagret is a tile store from Västerås, Sweden whose history goes back to 1978 An AR app for paving slabs manufacturer. It allows trying on paving slabs, selecting suitable patterns and colors. An augmented reality app for decking manufacturer. It allows trying on decking, siding, fences as well.
  5. 5. Marevo’ product: a mobile app that allows your buyers to virtually 'visit' a new house while it isn't built yet. Marevo’ product: an AR app that allows buyers to "try on" new flooring without leaving home. Marevo’ product: It allows customers to check out how the different covering will look on the wall.
  6. 6. An AR app for quick and easy creation of AR experiences An app that allows downloading and showing 3D models in real time. ARKit based app that allows showing the 3D-model of meeting room anywhere.
  7. 7. The Facebook mask for the 10th anniversary of the RGC company Four short AR stories for EPC wine bottles The filter that opens a portal to the small town in Austro-Hungary through time and space.
  8. 8. Kochut Wood — the author's wooden products. The company's highlight is the creation of tables filled with epoxy resin An augmented reality educational app for kids between 3 to 6 years David paints storms. Using oceans as a metaphor he shares stories of hope. We've used AR to come them alive and extend customers experience.
  9. 9. AR/VR can be used for profit Close work with client's team Preliminary customers research Help in selecting the necessary equipment Further employee learning
  10. 10. - NOT TOYS