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FRX® Exterior Fire Retardant Wood


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Learn about the history and chemistry behind FRX® Exterior Fire Retardant Wood.

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FRX® Exterior Fire Retardant Wood

  1. 1. FRX® ExteriorFire Retardant Treated Wood<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />FRX® exterior FRT wood developed by: Arch Wood Protection, Inc., and CHEMCO, Inc.<br /><ul><li>Arch Wood Protection, Inc.</li></ul>Developed Dricon® fire retardant treated wood for interior applications and Wolmanized® Outdoor® wood, among other brands of pressure-treated wood<br /><ul><li>CHEMCO Inc.</li></ul>Developed FTX™ fire retardant shakes and shingles<br />
  3. 3. FRX® Fire Retardant Treated Wood<br /><ul><li>Pressure-treated lumber and plywood that is chemically treated to reduce the spread of flames in applications directly exposed to weather.
  4. 4. May be substituted for materials classified as noncombustible in certain building types designated by model building codes and requiring ASTM D 2898 conformance.
  5. 5. Combines the beauty and versatility of wood with the fire safety and insurance advantages of noncombustible materials.</li></li></ul><li>Typical Applications<br /><ul><li>Exterior decks
  6. 6. Balconies
  7. 7. Stairways
  8. 8. Covered walkways
  9. 9. Siding
  10. 10. Trim & molding
  11. 11. Open air roof systems
  12. 12. Stables
  13. 13. Soffit & fascia
  14. 14. Construction staging
  15. 15. Scaffolding</li></li></ul><li>Advantages of FRX®Wood<br /><ul><li>Complies with major building codes(issued ESR-1159)
  16. 16. Tested, proven fire performance
  17. 17. Stringent quality control
  18. 18. From the people who developed Dricon® FRT wood and the people who developed FTX™ shakes and shingles</li></li></ul><li>Fire Performance Tests<br />FRX® wood complies with the following requirements for exterior FRT wood:<br /><ul><li>ASTM E 84 Tunnel TestExtended to 30 minutes with the flame not progressing more than 10.5 feet beyond burners and showing no evidence of progressive combustion.
  19. 19. ASTM D 2898 Accelerated Weathering TestAlso referred to as the “800-inch rain test,” FRX® lumber and plywood maintain flame spread indexes of less than 25.</li></li></ul><li>Strength Properties<br />Strength of FRX® wood has been tested following ASTM D 143 and MIL-L-19140E.<br />Strength Design Factors ―FRX® Lumber Compared to Untreated Lumber (=1.00)Applicable at Ambient Temperatures Up to 80°F<br />
  20. 20. Product Processing<br /><ul><li>Treating
  21. 21. Treatment of FRX®wood is performed at properly equipped and supervised treatment plants in accordance with industry standards
  22. 22. Kiln drying
  23. 23. Following treatment, FRX® wood is re-dried to moisture content of:
  24. 24. 19% or less for lumber
  25. 25. 15% or less for plywood</li></li></ul><li>Product Confidence<br /><ul><li>Quality control
  26. 26. Comprehensive quality control conducted by third-party agency
  27. 27. Provides assurance that both the FRX® fire retardant chemical and FRX® wood are consistently produced to meet performance standards dictated by the model building codes</li></li></ul><li>Product Information<br /><ul><li>Lumber and plywood sizes
  28. 28. All common lumber dimensions and plywood thicknesses
  29. 29. Size is limited only to treating plant’s ability to treat, dry, and handle
  30. 30. Species available
  31. 31. Douglas fir
  32. 32. Southern yellow pine
  33. 33. Spruce
  34. 34. Western red cedar lumber
  35. 35. Hem-fir lumber</li></li></ul><li>Notes on Use<br />FRX® treatment does not substantially change the physical characteristics of ordinary lumber.<br />FRX® wood should not be installed where exposed to high temperatures in interior applications, nor where it will contact the ground.<br />When staining, apply only non-filming oil-based stain to clean, dry surfaces and follow the manufacturers’ recommendations.<br />Take same common sense precautions when handling FRX® treated wood as untreated wood or other building materials. <br />
  36. 36. For more information, contact your supplier of FRX® wood or visit www.useFRTW.comor call Arch Wood Protection at 866-use-FRTW<br />