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Wordpress insider Nov 2012


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Presentation to the WordPress Insider meetup on Nov 28 2012

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Wordpress insider Nov 2012

  1. 1. A presentation given to the WordPressInsider meetup onNov 28, 2012 Connect With Me: Email: LinkedIn Twitter Facebook ( Feel Free to Like us  ) Website:
  2. 2. How to use FireBug and orChrome to modify styling FireBug - Get the extension: FireBug Overview video by WooThemes: Easy Reading about CSS: To learn more about the syntax of CSS, visit W3Schools.
  3. 3. Mail Chimp Signup form options Embed form provided by MailChimp Can be found in lists/yourlist/for your website/Signup form embed code Use MailChimp plugin - You will need a MailChimp API key which can found in Account/Api Keys & Authorized appse Style on your own A great tutorial -
  4. 4. Make sure to Sign up related email can be edited in in lists/yourlist/create forms You can replace the default MailChimp thank you emails with a ThankYou pages on your site Make sure to test the whole sign up sequence
  5. 5. Using the MailChimp list Create individual campaigns Or, automates, RSS based campaigns
  6. 6. How to create different sidebarcontent for different pages. Download and install WooDojo From within the WooDojo screen install and activate Activate WooSidebars A new Widget Area submenu will be added under appearance
  7. 7. Picking a themeThink about the planned content.  Will the new site have a lot of photos? Videos?  How much “sidebar” content will there be? An email opt-in box?  Does the navigation need to be especially flexible? Generally, can you visualize your content “fitting” the theme?
  8. 8. Picking a theme cont Navigation structure  How many navigation bars are there?  Are custom menus supported? Will the theme lend itself to the desired branding? Are there enough “widgetized” regions? Are there multiple page templates?
  9. 9. Themes There are hundreds of free themes you can choose from Also , many other cost anywhere between $39~$300Examples:  StudioPress/Genesis  Elegant themes – $39 per 1 year access for 50+ themes  WooThemes – From $70/3 themes and up  DirectoryPress - $79  FlexSqueeze - $127
  10. 10. Connect With Me:Email: Michelle@CastilloMediaGroup.comLinkedInTwitterFacebook ( Feel Free to Like us  )Website: