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Internet Culture • India missed India Startup Report


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Internet Culture • India missed the PC Revolution - Personal computer was and still is too expensive for the general population. For many, their first exposure to internet is through mobile phones and tablets in the future. • Indians are using the internet without realizing it - Here are examples of some Indian startup that provides human interfaces to the internet: - People can search the web via a phone call (JustDial, $720M valuation), - Travel agent who is simply typing customer queries into websites to facilitate ticket purchasing (Makemytrip, $688M valuation, Redbus, $200M valuation) • The missing internet cafes & gaming culture - One would expect India to be filled with internet cafes like other developing countries, but you rarely see them in the big cities due to regulations. - Perhaps due to the lack of consistent internet connections, there isn‟t a strong gaming culture in India either. That should change as India‟s internet connectivity improves. “I believe there is room for one or two billion dollar online gaming companies in India ” @benjaminjoffeJoin us: @WorldStartupRpt © 2013 All Rights Reserved

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