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Startup Surprises “If you want India Startup Report


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Startup Surprises “If you want to get married, don’t do a startup.” – Delhi startup event audience • Many Internet companies are solving big infrastructure problems - Flipkart is building their own shipment and cash-on-delivery workforce to solve India‟s poor logistics and payment infrastructures. - Companies like Redbus provide software/devices to bus companies, to build India‟s missing ticketing infrastructure. - Quick Note: Trust in online stores is still an issue, so all e-commerce companies are effectively participating in market-building. • Startups have high social risk for founders - Startup founders might have trouble getting married! It‟s a bad point on the matchmaking check- list, like being a struggling artist (without the glamour). - Thus, to convince someone to join your startup, you‟ll likely end up needing to convince their entire family! • Lots of traditional entrepreneurs - India has millions of entrepreneurs. They are mostly small business owners and fairly risk-averse so they stick to traditional cash-flow businesses and family run businesses. - Due to people‟s traditional cash-flow mindset, in the tech space, startups that can monetize quickly are favored by both entrepreneurs and investors (e.g. E-commerce).Join us: @WorldStartupRpt © 2013 All Rights Reserved

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