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India Surprises cont. • India India Startup Report


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India Surprises cont. • India time - Due to culture & poor traffic, it‟s expected that people will be late to meetings/events. 15min-1hr delay is common, but sometimes it can be as long as 2 hrs. • Decision by committee - India is also slow because of the decision by committee mentality. Everything is slower in India by a factor of 2-10x in comparison to Silicon Valley. • Despite difficult conditions, people seem content - People‟s expectations are focused on lower tiers of Maslow‟s hierarchy of needs (feeding their family). Among the general population, there‟s little drive to change things for the better. - People are accustomed to living under difficult conditions. They seem happy with the country‟s recent progress and are optimistic for the future.Join us: @WorldStartupRpt © 2013 All Rights Reserved

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