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Policies • Strict rules against India Startup Report


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Policies • Strict rules against foreign multi-brand retailers - India is extremely protective of its retail sector and forbids major foreign investments in multi- brand retailers (Walmart/Bestbuy). These laws are evolving and startups have found ways to get around this rule, so expect to see major changes in India‟s retail sector soon. • Incorporate base on potential capital source - Startups seeking only Indian capital tend to incorporate in India. - Startups seeking foreign capital tend to incorporate in Delaware or Singapore. • The new startup tax is more annoyance than deterrence - India proposed a new startup tax to battle money laundering schemes. India angel investments are now taxed at 30%, for any amounts that exceeds accounting laws of a fair market valuation. - This law will not be stop the angel investments in India, but it will generate unnecessary costs and annoyances to the startups.Join us: @WorldStartupRpt © 2013 All Rights Reserved

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