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India Ambassadors Want to learn India Startup Report


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India Ambassadors Want to learn more or visit in person? These Ambassadors have graciously volunteered to educate and welcome our readers to the Indian startup ecosystem. Feel free to reach out. Lead Ambassador Mohit Bijlani Aditya Rao Parul Raj Lodha Founder, GiggleLoop Founder, Oodio Curator, StartupDige Mumbai Studio st Bangalore Bangalore Anirudh Suri Varsha Adusumilli Yatin Thakur Partner, India AVP, Founder, Moonlightin Internet Bangalore g Group, Mumbai New Delhi Deven Shah Chandan Raj Varun Chawla Founder, StartupKindnes VP, Partner, 91springboard s Bangalore New Delhi Mumbai Want to be an ambassador for your country?Join us: @WorldStartupRpt © 2013 All Rights Reserved Let us know!

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