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Web & Mobile Markets INDIA India Startup Report


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Web & Mobile Markets INDIA CHINA US Population 1.2B 1.3B 0.3B Internet Users 125m 516m 243m Internet Penetration 10% 38% 78% Online ad market ~ $0.52B ~ $12B ~ $37B Mobile Subscriptions 893m 986m 332m Mobile Penetration 72% 73% 106% (mostly prepaid) (mostly prepaid) (mostly subscription) Smartphone Users 35m 246m 230m Smartphone penetration 3% 19% 76% Mobile Operator ARPU $2.5 $10.7 $46.5 ARPU x Mobile Users $2.2B $9B $15.5B E-commerce Market Size $1.6B $170B $215B All $ amounts in USDJoin us: @WorldStartupRpt © 2013 All Rights Reserved

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