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India vs China India today India Startup Report


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India vs China India today is like China in… 1990 2000 2006 2005 - 2013 Infrastructure IPO exits Internet Mobile India‟s roads, electricity India has one tech India has roughly India has roughly equal % of & water leaves much to IPO to date and a 10% internet mobile subscriber as present be desired. It lags couple more IPOs on penetration, mainly day China. However India has behind China‟s the horizon. (not focused in big cities. much less smartphone users infrastructure by counting the Like 2006 China. than in China. multiple decades. outsourcing firms). *Important Note: India will follow a very different growth path from China. In some areas, India may never catch up. In others, it could leapfrog China‟s growth (e.g. in smartphone & tablet usage).Join us: @WorldStartupRpt © 2013 All Rights Reserved

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