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Training & Development Outlook 2017


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The modern methods of communication and the rise of computer technology have changed how organizations train their employees.

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Training & Development Outlook 2017

  1. 1. OUTLOOK 2017 TRAINING dEVELOPMENT Present by : Yuda Mahendra Asmara Komunitas HR Indonesia
  3. 3. To be successful in the future, leaders must to learn to train, guide, and motivate younger workers, not only by speaking their language, but also by creating games that these digital natives will choose to play (The Herman Group, 2005) Komunitas HR Indonesia “
  4. 4. Training Metamorfosis In the past training regarded as cost and extravagance, But now training is a Corporate & Business Strategy . Komunitas HR Indonesia
  5. 5. Training Cost Komunitas HR Indonesia We have to admit, some changes fantastic in the training today. At This time some companies allocate 5,10 to 20 % of netsales for the benefit of increase knowledge for their staff Staff
  6. 6. What training outlook in 2017 Komunitas HR Indonesia
  7. 7. Komunitas HR Indonesia  Edutainment will be more popular Entertainment frequently has positive side effects of learning when prepare it well But in fact, it should be noted the participants sometimes prefer entertained than be taught. As a result, almost all training in the future will be packed in a amazing entertainment , Training will be more similar to the event concert , or entertainment stage. There will be time training , but there is also a entertainment
  8. 8. Komunitas HR Indonesia  Continuing education The favored training short duration , but sustainable training Most of the training participants were executives, employees or workers who want to get “Continuing Education” But, time become a expensive commodity and rare in the future Because it training have decreased participants will be becomes less “affordable” to training in a long period of time Lack of training is a chance to be a result negative because reduced that time, so for trainer must be required to prepare homework or tips can practiced at work or to exercise at home, after attending training.
  9. 9. Komunitas HR Indonesia  Training with tips and Application This is what it should be noted for future trainer, Employees will fill the training room and a seminar not to simply get information , but find ideas/tips about information or modules People attend training , a seminar to get tips that could help them in work, that’s why in the future people attend a seminars and training to receive applicative tips.
  10. 10. Komunitas HR Indonesia  Involvement of emotion in training There is (4) four emotion basic known an important role in memory related to learning ( happy , sad, fearing and excited ).  A training will remembered because funny  Participants will be recalled with thriller training who teaches the discipline militeristik style and the result ,hated at the beginning but continued remembered  Give a sense of sad, usually this model training mingled with the spiritual or “Inner a journey” bring to the participants emotion  Raises excited emotion, Supposing participants with a feeling of even be able to move mountain !
  11. 11. Komunitas HR Indonesia  Trainer from practitioner If before, the trainer and teachers were mostly they have been prepare or trained a special faculty member in the company, now the trainer it will have a diverse experience. Most, will emerge from among practitioner. Currently , many companies started looking for professionals and practitioner who know its industrial sector to be train to the employee , this trend will be more real again in the future.
  12. 12. Komunitas HR Indonesia  Think globally, act locally, touch individually Companies sooner would be apply to receive ideas world class to implement Therefore, no wonder when idea like, TQM, balanced scorecard,ISO, six sigma or blue ocean strategy raised. They would like to the idea this global can be made into something “customized “for the company In the future, the role of trainer not just finished teaching and but also will be a coach, counselor and also the problem solver!
  13. 13. Komunitas HR Indonesia  high technology Training Demand to use the technology , particularly multimedia , will be more high in the future. In the classroom , various an integrated multimedia , audio visual interesting , slide presentation supported programs that will increasingly sophisticated growing The reason this technology trend, apart from issues the limited time , appear now generation very “commute” who want to have access module to learn anywhere and this made technology of learning will continue to grow in the future .
  14. 14. Komunitas HR Indonesia By understanding trend training in the future, what is important for us as a trainer? At least, we as trainers, its time to begin get our competence, we must prepare always to the changing times that happened, especially in the field of training.
  15. 15. Komunitas HR Indonesia And if I may be so bold to offer my last piece of advice for someone needing to make changes in their life to adjust with the new world demand – If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree. You have the ability to totally transform every area in your life – and it all begins with your very own power of choice! Jim Rohn –Management philosopher “
  16. 16. Komunitas HR Indonesia THANK YOU Phone : 0812 -11300400 E-mail : resentasikitaP Consultant & Development - Yuda M Asmara -