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Don't Stop Believing Says Michelle Lin

Michelle isn't an instant success story.

However, she has landed a job in her field after several sleepless nights and dedicated hard work. Her time and perseverance has been rewarded, and she’s pretty happy so far with her successes.

"The biggest challenge is just breaking into the industry," says Michelle.

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Don't Stop Believing Says Michelle Lin

  1. 1. “Put yourself out there even if you feel you can't compete with the professionals.”
  2. 2. Michelle’s Parting Advice Always Strive to Improve Your Skills! “Don't give up! If animation is something you really want to do, be persistent. Breaking in is the hardest part. You may have to do some odd jobs or work you don't particularly enjoy to pay the bills, but you have to make time to work on your personal stuff or take classes to improve areas you're lacking.” Michelle Lin Website | Portfolio | LinkedIn | Twitter
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