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1Q 2003


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1Q 2003

  1. 1. . . . The MCP Herald W First Quarter FY 2003 elcome to the third issue of Inside this Issue: the MCP Herald! The corrected five material weakness- Department’s Management es from prior periods in FY 2002 1 FY 2002 Statement of  Control Program (MCP) has seen (Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Assurance much activity this quarter, so, read Member Screening, Computer- on to find out the latest …. Based Training, Asset Visibility 2 Launch of the DON  MCP Website Congratulations and thanks to all those who participated in the FY of In-Transit Inventory, Enlisted Administrative Separations, and Cash Management and Contract MCP Training  3 2002 SOA process…the Navy was Continues to “Hit” the  the only military service to meet Payments at Selected Navy Activ- Road the 1 Nov 02 OUSD (C) deadline! ities in Europe). 4 DON MCP  Coordinator Database Now, the time has come to turn our attention to the FY 2003 SOA reporting process. Com- FY 2002 Statement 4 Request for MCP  mands and activities should con- Success Stories tinue to work within their organi- of Assurance zations to complete the mile- 4 Upcoming Events The Department of the Navy (DON) completed the annual stones that were established for the management control weak- nesses, with priority given to Office of Financial Operations Statement of Assurance (SOA) (FMO) those that were slated for correc- reporting process and after ob- tion in FY 2003. For FY 2003, 720 Kennon Street, SE Building 36, Room 115 taining the signature of the Under the FMO will be reviewing audit Washington Navy Yard Secretary of the Navy, success- reports containing management DC  20734 fully submitted the FY 2002 re- control findings on a semi-annual Fax: 202.685.6700 port to the Office of the Under basis and will coordinate with Secretary of Defense commands/activities as appropri- DON MCP POC:   (Comptroller). ate. Lessie Turner 202.685.6738 In the FY 2002 SOA, 15 uncor- Automated Statement of rected material weaknesses were Assurance (SOA) Tool Editor: reported in FY 2002. Of the 15, five were new (Government Pur- The SOA reporting process for Paul Kaman 202.685.6748 chase Card Program, Readiness FY 2002 included the use of the Reporting, Security Clearance new Automated SOA Tool by Backlog, Supply Inventory Man- several DON organizations. All MCP Website: agement, and Government Travel Echelon 1 organizations that Charge Card) and 10 were iden- were chosen and required to use me_index.htm the Tool did so successfully. tified in prior periods. The Navy Most of the selected Echelon 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. 2. First Quarter FY 2003 organizations did use the Tool Annually, the Naval Audit We have recently launched a web and were able to submit their Service (NAS) provides a memo site dedicated to the DON MCP. data successfully. to the Under Secretary of the This web site serves as a one- Navy rendering an opinion on stop resource to meet your MCP For FY 2003 reporting use, we whether the Navy’s SOA needs and to assist you with your are currently working towards presents reasonable assurance organization's MCP. The web enhancing the Automated SOA that management controls are in site includes MCP statutory and Tool. In order to evaluate the place and operating effectively. regulatory guidance, tools to usefulness of the Tool and to de- The Auditor General’s opinion enhance your organization's termine areas of improvement, provides “qualified reasonable program, MCP Training we sent a survey to all organiza- assurance” that the Department information, the DON SOA, and tions that were required to use of the Navy’s management the latest MCP news. the Tool in FY 2002. Surveys controls are in place and are due back by 15 January 2003. operating effectively, and that The web site is structured into A few of the organizations have FMFIA objectives are being the following five main pages: already completed and returned achieved. Audit efforts that •MCP Guidance - Includes links their evaluation forms. Feedback formed the basis of their opinion to FMFIA, DoD Instruction, and from the survey has been good were: assessments of the status of SECNAV Instruction; and one recurring suggestion was the FMFIA improvement •MCP Tools - Includes link to to expand the use of the Tool to programs, evaluation of the MCP Survey Self-Assessment organizations below and beyond Navy’s SOA and its supporting Tool and MCP Plan template; the Echelon 2 level or one level documentation, and reviews of below HQs. All suggestions will management control programs at •MCP Training - Includes the be added to the FMO's list of selected Naval activities. Based FY 2003 training schedule and modifications for the SOA Tool. on the material weaknesses course reference materials; This list also includes previous identified in the SOA, and •DON Statement of Assurance - comments and suggestions that incomplete reporting by some Includes prior year Statements we received during the prepara- DON elements, the NAS was not and link to the SOA Tool; tion of the FY 2002 SOA. Once able to give “reasonable •MCP Newsletter - Includes all completed surveys are re- assurance” that all the specific current and previous copies of turned, we will analyze and de- objectives of FMFIA have been the MCP Herald newsletter. termine how best to enhance the achieved. Tool and determine whether to The web site is located at: http:// expand the Tool to include addi- tional Navy commands. ndex.htm. It is a public site so no login or password is required. If you have any questions However, there are tools on the regarding the SOA Tool, please site that require a login and contact Sharon Poblete at password. We hope that you will 202.685.6064 or find this web site easy to use and resourceful in enhancing your organization's MCP. MCP Home page view If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions Auditor General’s Opinion on regarding the web site, please the SOA Launch of the DON contact the liaison at MCP Website 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  3. 3. The MCP Herald 202.685.6748 or Washington, DC on 22 and 24 October 2002. San Diego, CA. MCP training was conducted in San Diego on 13 and 14 November 2002. San Diego training saw the introduction of a new video of Mr. Paul Kaman & LT Aaron Washington, Ship the NBC news special on USS Repair Facility site visit: Yokosuka, Japan. John C. Stennis, entitled “A Ship at War” as a new case study. In Ms. Stephanie Irby, MCP Training class: Yokosuka, Japan. this video, Anchorman Tom Brokow identified numerous MCP Training Continues internal controls that already to “Hit the Road”… exist in the Navy. The video on MCP training classes were USS John C. Stennis was recently held at the Washington obtained courtesy of the Navy Navy Yard and various regional Visual News Service. training locations, such as San Mr. Dennis Foye & Ms. Stephanie Irby, Ship Repair Facility site visit: Yokosuka, Japan Diego, CA; Yokosuka, Japan; Groton, CT; and Gulfport, MS. Groton, CT. MCP training was conducted in Groton on 4 and 5 The objectives of the MCP December 2002. course are to:  Understand the Gulfport, MS. MCP training fundamentals of was conducted in Gulfport on 10 management controls. and 12 December 2002.  Understand how to Aerial shot of Mount Fuji, Japan. incorporate a MCP into Additional training classes have day-to-day activities. been planned for Washington Yokosuka, Japan. MCP  Understand the DON Navy Yard; Bremerton, WA; Ev- training was conducted in Statement of Assurance erett, WA; and Naples, Italy in Yokosuka on 19, 20, and 21 process. the next few months. See “Up- November 2002.  Understand the DON MCP coming Events” on page 4 of this and your responsibilities. newsletter for dates and registra- While in Yokosuka, the FMO re-  Know how to institute an tion points of contact. The FMO ceived a tour of the Ship Repair effective MCP. is still trying to reschedule train- Facility (SRF). The purpose of  Be familiar with tools and ing at Portsmouth, VA and this tour was to help us under- techniques to evaluate and Philadelphia, PA. Both locations stand the various types of man- enhance your MCP. were cancelled due to lack of en- agement controls and reviews  Be aware of the DON’s rollment. that SRF has in place already. MCP “Back-Basics” approach. If you have any questions regard- ing the MCP training course, Washington Navy Yard. MCP please contact Stephanie Irby, training was conducted in FMO Representative at . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       3
  4. 4. First Quarter FY 2003 202.685.0773, or mcptraining@f- (Commercial, DSN, Fax, and Email Address)). Upcoming Events DON MCP Coordina- Please request the MS Excel template from MCP Training: tor Database, populate The one-day class focuses on . the template with complete fundamentals of management . FMO is developing a DON MCP information, and send it to the . controls and the requirements for an Coordinators contact information above email address for inclusion . effective MCP. database (Echelon 1 through Echelon 3 only). The purpose is: into the MCP Coordinators Upcoming Events The target audience is: database. Please share a copy of • Command/organization MCP the template with your higher Date 1. To provide up-to-date Coordinators reporting entity. Time, Location guidance and promote • Alternate MCP Coordinators Event name accountability for the DON • Others actively involved MCP. FMO Requests MCP Type a description of your event here. in For morethe MCP. call 000-0000. information 2. To assist us in Success Stories From communicating with the Locations, dates, and registration the Field…. Date POCs are as follows: Time, Location DON’s MCP Coordinators Event name Navy Yard via various means. To identify and share your Washington 3. To share various Command/ 29 January 2003 Type a description of your event here. organization’s MCP success 0800-1600 For more information call 000-0000. Activity/Field success stories, stories and best practices POC: Stephanie Irby, 202.685.0773, or gather and communicate best throughout the DON, we request Date practices throughout the that you send us news and Time, Location DON. information regarding your MCP Event name Barstow, CA 4. To access MCP training related efforts. The purpose of 5 & 6a description of your event here. Type February 2003 needs and share training 0800-1600 For more information call 000-0000. this request is to (1) solicit information (availability, successful MCP related efforts POC: Dina Kimmerling, DSN 282.7041, or dates, location, etc). Date undertaken in your organization Time, Location 5. To make sure reporting and (2) publish best practices via Event name Bremerton/Everett, WA hierarchies are complete and the MCP Herald and the Internet 11 & 12 February of your event here. Type a description 2003 (Bremerton) up-to-date to facilitate roll-up for DON-wide dissemination. 0800-1600 For more information call 000-0000. of aggregated data for use 13 February 2003 (Everett) with the Automated SOA Please share your efforts with: 0830-1630 Date Tool. POC: Location Time, Opal Brekke, DSN 439.7163, or Event name The Office of Financial Opera­ The information sought for this Type a description of your event here. tions (FMO) publishes The MCP   Naples, Italy effort includes Names (First and For more information call 000-0000. Herald.  This publication pro­ 11, 12, & 13 March 2003 Last), Position (MCP 0800-1600 Coordinator or Alternate), vides current information on the  Date POC: Location Irby, 202.685.0773, or Time, Stephanie Organization (Echelon Category, DON’s MCP. Event name Command/Activity, Unit The point of contact for questions  Type a description of your event here. Identification Code (UIC)), Washington Navy Yard 000-0000. For more information call and comments is: Paul Kaman,  Reporting Entity (Entity Your 22 & 23 April 2003 Organization Reports To, 202.685.6748, or Kaman.­ 0800-1600 Reporting Entity’s Echelon POC: Stephanie Irby, 202.685.0773, or Page 4 Continued Category), and Contact information (Phone numbers 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  5. 5. The MCP Herald . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       5