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Introduction to Koori Club


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Introduction to Koori Club

  1. 1. Q1. Who can come? You can choose one friend that you might like to bring every time you come. Q2. What day is it on? Every Thursday. Q3. What time? Recess time K-2 10:30-11:00am 3-6 11:00-11:30am Q4. How long does it go for? ½ hour Q5. Where is it on? In the Library Q6. Who will be here to help run the program? Mr McFarlane, Mrs McFarlane and Miss Papandreou
  2. 2. Some Things We May Learn
  3. 3. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Flags
  4. 4. Boomerangs
  5. 5. Emu Callers
  6. 6. Clapping Sticks
  7. 7. Aboriginal Dance
  8. 8. Koori Bracelets
  9. 9. Torres Strait Islander Face Masks
  10. 10. Didgeridoos
  11. 11. Bullroarers
  12. 12. Totems • The Red Kangaroo Kamilaroi Land • The possum Dhurak Land
  13. 13. Aboriginal Symbols
  14. 14. Dreamtime Stories • Uncle Wes • Uncle Greg