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Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid them - Aarna Systems


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SEO is the best way to rank your website on the first page of the SERPs. However, the mistakes that businesses do in SEO practices make it a flop show. Want to avoid these mistakes? Check this presentation by Aarna Systems, an SEO service company in Pune. We have listed the common SEO mistakes and how you can avoid them. Read now!

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Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid them - Aarna Systems

  1. 1. Introduction: When it comes to doing your website’s SEO, there is no blueprint to follow. The assumptions, practices, strategies of doing SEO has many versions. Marketers use a mix of SEO strategies to get rank #1 on SERPs. However, not every SEO practice is done right. Check this list of common SEO mistakes curated by Aarna Systems, the Best SEO company in Pune.
  2. 2. Google Penalty For Unethical SEO ● SEO mistakes can unknowingly put you into penalty trouble. ● It can impact your existing SEO rankings badly. ● Since Google is the leading Search Engine, it’s guidelines matter. ● These guidelines are not very rough but important. ● The first suggestion is to be aware of Google’s guidelines for SEO.
  3. 3. Keyword Matters ● Keywords act as a reference to your offerings. ● When you choose a broad keyword relating to your services, it can be competitive. ● Many Marketers aim for wrong or too high keywords. ● This lends their digital strategy into trouble. ● If you are SME, target location-specific keywords. ● It will help you grow faster than the expected rate.
  4. 4. Poor Title & Meta Description ● The job of SEO doesn’t end with placing the right keywords on the webpage. ● Marketers need to write smart Title & Meta Description as well. ● Titles and Meta Descriptions informs searcher about your webpage content. ● Don’t lose your potential traffic by skipping this step. ● Write g titles and meta descriptions to rank your page in the SERPs fast. ● Hire the best SEO Company in Pune to help your SEO goals.
  5. 5. Content Builds & Kills ● Many businesses don’t pay more attention to Content. ● Well, great content with the right keywords can bring good website traffic. ● Create content that adds value to your business. ● Off-topic, short content without keywords is a mistake to avoid. ● Balance content with keywords, engage people with social media posts etc. ● Blogs around 500 to 1000 words are good to start your content strategy. ● Explore your content opportunities everywhere on digital media.
  6. 6. Using Spamful Black Hat Tactics ● SEO has shortcuts to rule the first position or at least the first page. ● Black Hat SEO practices give quick success and downfall. ● It includes keyword stuffing, link purchase, spam guest posting, etc. ● It can lead your website in trouble surrounded by penalties. ● If you are using any such tactic, stop it right away. ● Switch to White Hat SEO practices and enjoy long term SERP rankings.
  7. 7. Missing out the Mobile – View ● Most of the traffic comes from Smartphones. ● Businesses often forget to pay attention to the mobile view. ● This is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid in the era of smartphones. ● Check your website on mobile view, navigation ease and user-friendly layout. ● See if you can really find all the menu options in that small mobile screen. ● Mobile view is the way to grow your online process today & beyond.
  8. 8. ● SEO is ever-changing, and it is getting better with every algorithm update. ● As SEO is vast, so are the mistakes that marketers are bound to do. ● It’s either you stay updated with the SEO world or hire a professional ● Aarna Systems is an SEO Service Company in Pune. ● We can give your website to the SERP heights. Read More - COMMON SEO MISTAKES AND HOW TO AVOID THEM