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Unsuccessful products


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Unsuccessful products

  1. 1.  There is an unending list of products which failed in the market due to various reasons but more or less because of failure in one or more of the following factor
  2. 2.  The brand was targeted at the metro youth was different. It was different in taste, promotion, package, price etc. Vanilla Coke was promoted in retro style. The brand had Vivek Oberoi , the then bollywood flame endorsing the brand in an unusual style. Vivek sported the retro look with typical combination of Elvis style + Shammi Kapoor style in an Old Lamby Scooter screaming Wakaw. It failed because .The campaign was not targeted at the right segment. This campaign had its fair share of critics also. The brand was priced at a premium over the ordinary coke. This may have discouraged the TG from checking out the brand
  3. 3. Levis type1 was astyle introducedby denim marketleader Levi Strauss& co. and failedto influencebuyers to buy thisproduct. It is saidthat a productshould identify itstarget marketwhen launching.Levis type1 waslaunched withevaluating itstarget audienceand thus, failed.
  4. 4.  There was no real need for Crystal Pepsi. Despite the shifting tides in early 90’s marketing towards healthiness and purity, people just didn’t get excited about a clear caffeine-free Pepsi. Not really a surprise- those who were that concerned with the health and colour of their beverage probably would not be Pepsi drinkers to begin with.
  5. 5.  The Lisa was geared towards business consumers, though those consumers were attracted to the lower price tag on IBM PCs. NASA got behind the Lisa project, which they regretted after it was discontinued two years later.
  6. 6. This computerhad a heftyprice tag. At$699, it wastwice the priceof computersfrom Atari andCommodore.Many werealsodisappointedat theawkwardlayout of thefactory-shippedkeyboard.
  7. 7. Ganga had arevitalisation effort in 1997when Godrej tried torelaunch the brand underthe name Doodh Ganga.But those effort went invain.The primary reason whythe brand failed was thatthe differentiation was notsustainable over time.Although Hindus are veryreligious in nature andrivers the tradition but theconsumers are discerningwhen it comes topurchasing products
  8. 8. Sierra primarilyfailed in themarket becauseof its steep price.Priced around Rs5 lakh, the brandfailed to appealto the valueproposition of theIndian consumer.Sierra can be saidas a brand thatcame too early.The Indian marketwas not ready forthis concept.
  9. 9. Blaze is so far the mostpowerful scooter inIndia. This 165 cc meanmachine is huge andheavy.Blaze was all set toredefine the scootermarket in India The launch ads ( TVC)was nothing but amarketing disaster. Theagency just killed theproduct. The ad talksabout Rohit Varma.Then the baseline says "Short cut to Fame". It isone of the lousiestpositioning statementsever.
  10. 10. The brand waspositioned as " Twoluxury cars for theprice of one" . The adstalked about twin A/C,comfort and space.Versa was launchedwith a 1300 cc enginewhich was the sameused in Maruti Esteem.Despite the dreamlaunch, Versa failed togenerate volume . Thebasic issue was theprice. Versa waslaunched with a priceof Rs 5.15 lakh for thebase model and thetop end model costsaround Rs 6 lakh.Those enthusiasticcustomers whoflocked the showroomafter viewing the adswas shocked by thesteep price of Versa.Versa was priced atpar with Maruti Esteemand other entry levelsedans.
  11. 11. the brandsdisaster started in1996 whenWhirlpool acquiredthis brand globally.Whirlpool wantedto sacrificeKelvinator for itsown brand.Kelvinators mainpositioning wasbased on itscooling power. Thetagline aptlycaptures the USPof the brand.Kelvinatorscompressors wasone of the bestavailable globally.
  12. 12. The arbitrary songlimit hurt the ROKRsappeal. Many usersalso discoveredthat transferringmusic to the phonewas slow comparedto dedicatedplayers, due to lackof support for Hi-Speed USB , andthere was also nowirelesstransfer. Lastly, theROKR was criticizedfor being too muchlike the precedingE398. As a result, theROKR E1 sold belowexpectationsdespite a high-profile marketingcampaign
  13. 13. Street was the Indian versionof the world famous HondaCub series. Honda Cub wasthe worlds largest sellingsingle model bike which hassold more than 2.5 crore units.The case is about marketingmistake. The product failed inall aspects of marketing mixexcept the distribution.The product was not goodenough. It looked like aglorified M80 from Bajajwhich was used by Fishvendors and the like.The campaign was also notsuccessful. The initialcampaign tried to teach thecustomers the new Clutch lessgear system and itsefficacy, the customers wasnot impressed with thisfeature.
  14. 14. Riding on the pullingpower of HrithikRoshan, Tamarind hada huge brand recallduring the launch.Tamarind waspositioned as afashion wear. Theclothes were designedby the famed Londonbased designer JohnPaul Vivian. The brandhad the tagline " TheFlavour You Wear ".The brand wasdesigned to be a fun,fashionable trendybrand.Three major factorswas the cause of thisbrands failure.Price andDistribution andDifferentiation.
  15. 15. This unique brand is aclassic case of entiremarketing mix goneawfully wrong. A goodidea killed by poormarketing strategy. The small TV market wasthe most price sensitiveone and customers wasnot willing to pay 40 %premium for colour alone.The brand failed toconvince the TG on thevalue proposition of thebrand.There was segmentationissue also playing spoilsport. Candy was notfocused on the TGbecause some where thebrand wanted to attractthe replacement market (New TV for Old) ratherthan positioning itself as asecond TV. This putadditional volumepressure on the brandwhich was at best aNiche brand.
  16. 16. Blackberry 9500launched in a marketto compete withApple’s iPhone. Highlyvolatile market whichdemanded forperformance.Unfortunately, thestorm didn’t performas expected. It hadvarious flaws in itstechnology.Flaws like No Wi-Fi,Memory, CapacitiveTouch Feature.Due to all such issues,customer is reluctant tobuy Blackberry Storm,resulting in low pricesand no resale value
  17. 17. Trouble for Subhikshabegan in late 2008when the companyran out ofcash, bringing itsoperations to astandstill. Subhikshafaced severe financialcrisis pertaining toliquidity. The cashshortage eventuallyresulted in Subhikshaclosing its nationwidenetwork of 1,600supermarketstores, and defaultingon loans, vendorpayments and staffsalaries. Theoverextended chainimploded and allstores across thecountry were shutdown, most likelynever to open again
  18. 18. Tapping into thebooming bottled-water market, thebeer conglomerateintroduced RockyMountain SparklingWater — but unwiselykept the Coors logofront and centre onthe label, making itimpossible not toworry about drivinghome after a heavydose of H2O. Salesfor the water, whichcame in original,lemon-lime andcherry flavours, didpoorly.The beverage waseventuallydiscontinued.
  19. 19. The mid sized sedansegment is supercrowded with focusedproducts at the sameprice point as theKizashi. Compound thiswith the fact that theKizashi often sharesshowroom space withsuperior products, whichmeans salespeople areless motivated to focus ona car that is less likely toresult in a sale. Suzuki has never beenknown in the US forluxurious or sportyvehicles, and there arefew dedicated Suzukidealerships, oftencombined with otherbrands like Hyundai orSubaru that have moreappealing product.
  20. 20. Maruti SuzukiGrand Vitara hasbeen a marketfailure in India.Grand Vitara hadengineproblems, steeringcontrol problemsand it was a petrolversion whenlaunched in Indiawhich gave theaverage of 7-10kmpl.Learning from thefailure, Suzuki haslaunched dieselvariants andrecalled the carswith the problemsand repaired itworld wide.
  21. 21. Apart from the Enticerfrom Yamaha, Kineticin collaboration withHyosung Motorslaunched KineticAquila a few yearsback, featuring a250cc, V-twin, liquidcooled engine, 26 bhpof power at 9000RPM, and a top speedof 130 kmph. This bikewas priced at 1.75lakhs on road and Ithink this was not onlyheavily priced, but theroot cause of itsfailure.
  22. 22. Maruti Suzukilaunched a limitededition model of themega hit Zen. TheIndian car buyer isknown to bepotentially resistant toretro looks when itcomes down to cars.Zen classic waslaunched in the year2000, when itscompetitors werecatching the Indiancar buyer. The masswanted to switch tomore technologicaladvancements in theirfour wheelers. This iswhat went wrong withthis product. Zenclassic design wasmore to attracteastern Europeancountries.
  23. 23. When Unilever’s starbrand Persil announcedthe launch of a powerfulnew formula, aptly calledPersil Power, manyconsumers got excited bythe product’s apparentability to fight any stain.However, when theproduct hit the marketplace in May 1994, itproved so powerful thatunder certain conditions itdidn’t only destroy stains,it destroyed clothes aswell.The battle reached thelevel of farce last summerwhen Procter andGamble executivesparaded pairs of boxershorts in public, sayingthat in tests commissionedby them, Persil Power wasfound to have damagedthe underwear.
  24. 24. Oranjolt needed to berefrigerated. The problemwas that Indian retailerstend to switch off theirshop refrigerators at night.As a result, Oranjolt facedquality problems. Theproduct has a shelf life ofthree to four weeks whereother soft drinks wereassured a shelf life of overfive months. Servicingoutlets was also aproblem. Rasna failed toanticipate the qualityproblems it faced as aresult of retail practices.
  25. 25. Rival Coca-Colahad begun a "Coca-Cola in the morning"advertisingcampaign, yet it wasPepsi who took themovement to thenext level. In a bid tocapture the elusivemorning beveragemarket, the bottlerreleased PepsiA.M., which featured28 per cent morecaffeine per ouncethan its original softdrink. The ideaflopped, ofcourse, though itsnot known just howmuch PepsiCo lost inthe botchedexperiment.
  26. 26. The worst of all badideas must surely bethe Thirsty Cat! andThirsty Dog! brandsof bottled waterdesigned forpampered pets.Although the watercame in such ‘thirst-quenching’ flavoursas Crispy Beef andTangy Fish, pets andtheir ownersremainedunimpressed.
  27. 27. Harley-Davidsonlaunched a perfumerange. The idea in itselfcreated a confusion inthe masses. It wasn’tclear if it is meant forbikers who don’t wantto smell like bikers, oris it for the people whowant to smell likebikers. SimultaneouslyHarley Davidsonlaunched winecoolers, after shave.For brands that inspirestrong loyalty, thetemptation is to testthat loyalty to its limitsby stretching thebrand into otherproduct categories.
  28. 28. Virgin Cols waspriced 15–20 percent lower than thetwo leadingbrands, not enoughconsumers werebeing won over.Part of the problemwas distribution.Coca Cola andPepsi managed toblock Virgin fromgetting crucial shelfspace in halfthe UK’ssupermarkets