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Expect the unexpected


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Published in: Spiritual
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Expect the unexpected

  1. 1. ‫کان‬ ‫کیف‬ ‫فانظروا‬ ‫الضرض‬ ‫فی‬ ‫سیرو‬ ‫قل‬‫کان‬ ‫کیف‬ ‫فانظروا‬ ‫الضرض‬ ‫فی‬ ‫سیرو‬ ‫قل‬ ‫عاقبۃالمجرمین‬‫عاقبۃالمجرمین‬
  2. 2.  QuestionQuestion
  3. 3. ‫سکندراکبر‬‫سکندراکبر‬
  4. 4. People asked him “why?”People asked him “why?”
  5. 5. The most classy of carsThe most classy of cars
  6. 6. The most respected position inThe most respected position in high societyhigh society
  7. 7. The most well-paid of jobsThe most well-paid of jobs
  8. 8. The most prestigious of degreesThe most prestigious of degrees
  9. 9. The most envied of gradesThe most envied of grades
  10. 10. The most affable of associatesThe most affable of associates
  11. 11. The most ecstatic of happinessThe most ecstatic of happiness
  12. 12. The most safe of securityThe most safe of security
  13. 13. Because Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:Because Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: (bukhari)(bukhari)