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Mind up intro to chartwell

MIndful Learning Launch at Chartwell Elementary

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Mind up intro to chartwell

  1. 1. ¡  Flexibility  is  all   about  being   open  minded…  ¡  Mind  Up  is  all   about…being   provided  with   some  tools  for   your  mind!  
  2. 2. Mind  Up  is  designed  to   help  young  people…    ¡  …sharpen  their   focus  and  attention,  ¡  …heighten  their   awareness  of  their   environment  and   themselves  by   paying  attention  to   what  they  sense  and   feel…    
  3. 3. Mind  Up  is  not  a  meditation  program  or  tied  to  any  religion  or  religious  tradition…  
  4. 4. Causes  of  Stress  in  the  Classroom   ü Fear  of  being  wrong   ü Embarrassed  to  read  aloud  or  participate   ü Test-­‐taking  anxiety     ü Physical  and  language  differences   ü Cliques  and  bullying   ü Frustration  with  difficult  material     ü Boredom  from  lack  of  stimulation  
  5. 5. FIGHT   Disruptive  in  class   FLIGHT   Distracted  during   class   FREEZE  Withdrawn  from  class  
  6. 6. •  Helps  kids  learn    how   the  brain  works…  •  Helps  kids  learn  how  to   become  ‘self  aware’  •  Uses  that  self-­‐ awareness  to  be  more   in  touch  with  our   thoughts  and  emotions   and  to  better  regulate   our  behaviors  
  7. 7.   Learning  how  the  brain  works…  Prefrontal  Cortex   (executive  function,   planning  complex   cognitive  behavior,  personality  expression,   decision-­‐making  and   moderating  correct   social  behavior)         Hippocampus   Amygdala   (compares  new   (encodes  emotional   learning  to  past   messages  for  long-­‐ learning  and  encodes   term  storage  in  the   information  from   brain)     working  memory  to   long-­‐term  storage)    
  8. 8. •  Learning  how  to   become  ‘self  aware’   through  breath…  •  Using  Core  Practice  
  9. 9. Taking  a  “Brain  Break”   Get  comfortable  Close  your  eyes  or  lower  your  head   Listen  for  the  sound   Focus  on  your  breath   Reduce  your  stress  
  10. 10. Breathing  and  the  Brain   DEEP,  DELIBERATE,  STEADY  BREATHS   what  happens   Focused   Awareness  of   Attention   Emotions   Being   Calm  and   Present   Relaxed  Studies  show  that  when  students  involve  themselves  in  Core  Practice,  they  find  it  easier  to  focus,  they  learn  better,  are  more  positive,  more   empathetic,  more  optimistic  and  less  anxious.  
  11. 11. What  is  Mindfulness?  •  Core  Practice    is  all  about   Mindfulness  (“being   mindful”)    •  Mindfulness  is  a  state  of   being  aware  of  your  own   mind,  at  any  given  moment  •  It  means  to  pay  attention   on  purpose,  being  present   in  the  moment  Mindfulness-­‐ Based  Stress  Reduction)