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Accessio market entry 2011 public


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Accessio market entry 2011 public

  1. 1. accessio Market Entry
  2. 2. what we are •  accessio has been founded as an independent consulting company1 about that specializes in the market entry for foreign companies in various industries, specializing in the arena of clean technology and focusing on its core competence, business development. Through2 services its offices in North America (Los Angeles, California), Europe (Germany), and China (Shanghai), accessio can assist companies looking to enter or originating out of the North American, European3 clients/ and Asian markets. partners •  Introducing innovative technologies and products to the marketplace, helping companies enter the market with their4 contact services, or facilitating partnerships between companies, all these are potential areas that accessio has proven success in. •  Acting as your local representative, showcasing new services or products to potential distribution partners, facilitating licensing opportunities and joint ventures, creating a direct sales program, or simply assisting you in increasing your market share in the US – accessio the right partner for you •  Through strategic cooperation with distributors, governmental agencies, sales networks and marketing firms, accessio has access to a network of contacts, resources, and existing logistic elements that will help you gain the attention that your company deserve and grow your market share.
  3. 3. about us •  accessio s focus is on clean technology and works with companies1 about that have sustainability in its core mission •  accessio s management team has been involved in the2 services international trade industry and market entry consulting business for over 15 years •  Involvement in trade associations, economic development agencies3 clients/ at a local and state level, business associations and other functions partners ensure additional contacts to promote our clients market growth and penetration4 contact •  Strong partnerships in the market ensure client satisfaction and provide the opportunity for a quick and effective start in a new market. •  Established teams, competence, know-how, all these are key factors for success in the market •  accessio also helps foreign product companies to gain access to European and Asian markets and in some cases where our in- country industry contacts are very strong, we take on distribution of products as well. accessio for example has the exclusive rights for the ecobutton in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland -
  4. 4. accessio tracking success
  5. 5. team Boris  von  Bormann,  President  &  CEO  accessio •  Boris von Bormann founded accessio in 2001 and is its acting CEO1 about Mr. von Bormann has been involved in the international trade industry for over 15 years. He received degrees from the University of Dortmund/ Germany and the California State University at Long Beach in2 services Management and Marketing respectively.3 clients/ •  In addition to his position with accessio, he was partners involved in various interims positions in the past such as the CEO in the distribution company4 contact Premiere Style, which focuses on introducing beauty products out of the European market to North America, US President for X-PROTECT a technology company out of Germany in the film and entertainment industry, and worked in International Marketing for the German American Chamber of Commerce. •  Boris is also the founder of the German American Business Association - Southern California Chapter, a non- profit organization in Southern California. •
  6. 6. team Klaus  Dunst,  PhD,  Vice  President,  accessio     •  As Vice President of accessio Global Marketing, Consulting &1 about Distribution Klaus supports European companies focused on the renewable Energy sector and helps them to build and expand their positions in the growing US and especially in the highly attractive2 services California market. •  After an international consulting career with The3 clients/ Boston Consulting Group and A.T. Kearney where partners he provided strategy and general management consulting to global corporations, Klaus gained4 contact executive leadership experience with Siemens, a global technology company. •  Klaus held a number of executive positions within Siemens Medical Solutions, Siemens Communications and the Worldwide and US Siemens headquarters organizations. Key positions included General Manager for the Office Printer Division, Chief Financial Officer for the Patient Care Division, and Vice President of Corporate Development of Siemens US. •  Klaus holds a Bachelor s degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota, a Master s degree in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Ph.D. in Business from the University of Darmstadt.
  7. 7. team Alexander  Rahe,  Vice  President,  accessio     •  As Vice-President of accessio, Alexander’s focus is on European1 about companies searching US market presence and market entry strategies. His focus is on the travel industry and all associated products.2 services •  Alexander spent most of his career with Lufthansa German Airlines and covered all aspects of marketing and sales with this global organization.3 clients/ This experience was instrumental in his partners assignments at Star Alliance and Sixt rent-a-car to position those companies as market leaders in4 contact their respective industries. He also worked for the International Monetary Fund  (IMF) in a leading procurement position. •  His extensive experience in project management is fundamental for the success of your market entry. Joint projects with Roland Berger Strategy Consultancy in process re-design and organizational changes have proven to be successful. •  Alexander holds a degree in Travel and Tourism from the Suitbertus college in Duesseldorf. Alexander represents accessio on the East Coast, being based in Washington, D.C.
  8. 8. team Eckhart  K.  Gouras,  Vice  President  Asia  -­‐  accessio   •  Eckhart received his Juris Doctor degree at Columbia University in New1 about York and worked for three years as an associate attorney at Coudert Brothers, one of the first U.S. law firms with an international network. He subsequently acted as a consultant on investments in eastern2 services Germany and the People s Republic of China. •  He used his experience in foreign markets to build3 clients/ two Berlin-based Internet phone companies. His partners first company Poptel was one of the first companies in Europe to use the Internet to provide4 contact phone service to customers. It involved a network of Voice-over-IP ( VoIP ) gateways in Europe, the U.S. and China. •  Both businesses were sold to bigger providers in 1999 and 2009 and his expertise in Internet-based services and the IT sector in general contribute to the know-how within the accessio network. •  His work in the VoIP industry also included projects in China and his new office in Shanghai (starting in September 2010) should prove very helpful for accessio clients wishing to access the Chinese and Asian markets. In addition to pure Internet- or IT-related projects, Eckhart will be focusing on the clean tech space, including projects combining IT with clean tech know-how (e.g. smart grids).
  9. 9. accessio efficient
  10. 10. range of services1 about company agent The most often established relationship with a customer is2 services that of accessio representing a company in the market as a company agent. accessio can fulfill your representation needs in local offices without spending3 clients/ limitless resources and minimizing the risk within your partners own organization. If your main interest is to increase your direct client market4 contact share, accessio can partner up with you to increase your sales, expand your network of clients and help your market grow. In addition, accessio can open up doors to distribution and sales channels, retailers, and accompany your product launch on an ongoing basis. Additionally, depending on the chosen strategy, accessio can assist in finding licensing partners, joint venture partners, or open up channels into OEM manufacturers and integrators.
  11. 11. range of services matchmaking process1 about accessio specializes in the so-called matchmaking process. We are using our network to make contacts with qualified distribution companies, possible partner companies, and firms that2 services qualify for a possible joint venture with your company. This makes your first step into the US, German/ Europe, or Mainland Chinese market easier when you are not currently looking for your own3 clients/ manufacturing or distribution subsidiary in the foreign country. partners •  Direct Clients •  Partner Companies4 contact •  Distribution Companies •  Joint Venture Partners •  OEM Partners market intelligence/ market research/ business strategies Market research, market analysis, and industry profiles are services that are offered by accessio to give you a first overview of the targeted market in the United States, Germany/ Europe, or Mainland China. These services are customized to the client s needs and are individually formed depending on the targeted industry. This market intelligence, generally backed with interviews of selected key market participants, provides the foundation for developing sound market entry options.
  12. 12. range of services office solutions1 about In North America we can further help you with a very cost effective implementation offering of local office services and access to2 services tested and selected providers in the fields of law, accounting, coaching, recruiting and, if necessary, real estate services3 clients/ –  Enjoy all the benefits of a representation office in the North American partners market –  Dedicated phone number and fax number - Phones will be answered in4 contact your business name –  Staff that will be able to provide first initial information to the customer on the phone and via email. We will handle email requests as well as send out informational and marketing materials to potential clients. seminars, workshops, and training –  We also have experience in running seminars, workshops, and training for you covering industry specific and general topics such cross- cultural training, sales and technical support presentations as well as individualized programs dependent on our client s needs.
  13. 13. accessio innovative
  14. 14. network partners •  accessio has been working with the following groups and1 about associations (among many others):2 services3 clients/ partners4 contact
  15. 15. contact accessio USA1 about Santa Monica, California USA2 services (  +1 (310) 982-7633  :  www.accessio.com3 clients/ partners accessio Europe Dornstetten4 contact Germany (  +49 (7443) 285665  : accessio Asia Shanghai China (  +86 21 6103 6799  :
  16. 16. accessio we are looking forward to making your business grow