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10 Clever Color Combos That Will Make Your
Audience Happy
Did you know colors can affect peoples moods?
[woman shocked]
Here are 10 color combos that will make your
audience feel alive!!!!!!!!!
#1 The Getaway
The Getaway
#2 The Royal
The Royal
#3 The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse
#4 The Mountain Sunset
The Mountain Sunset
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#5 The Flower
The Flower
#6 The Apple Orchard
The Apple Orchard
#7 The Vintage
The Vintage
#8 The Red Brick House
The Red Brick House
#9 The Hipster Coffee Shop
The Hipster Coffee Shop
#10 The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden
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10 Clever Color Combos That Will Make Your Audience Happy

Did you know that color affects people’s moods? Think about that the next time you’re deciding what theme to use on a PowerPoint presentation! How to pick colors for PowerPoint and develop a harmonious presentation color palette is one of those not-so-small details necessary to creating the perfect presentation. There are various PowerPoint presentation color combinations, but not all of them are created equal. And having the right balance of complementary colors, or sticking to one particular monochromatic shade, will give your presentation a noticeable harmony and flair that would otherwise be lacking. Before we dive into the specifics and ascend to Color Combo Valhalla, where everything is perfectly shaded and not a single hue is out of place, I would like to share with you a few free presentation design tools that will make picking colors for PowerPoint easy.