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Fleet Management Technology Trends


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Overview of fleet management technology trends, presented by Adrian Gonzalez at Roadnet perform 2014 User Conference.

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Fleet Management Technology Trends

  1. 1.  Adrian Gonzalez President Adelante SCM Important  Trends  in  Logistics   and  Fleet  Management   Excerpt of Presentation Given at Roadnet perform 2014 Conference May 13, 2014
  2. 2. Mobile:  The  Ubiquitous  Platform     More  powerful,  less   expensive  every  year     Real-­‐5me  loca5on  tracking     Enhanced  processes  with   scanning  and  photos     Proof  of  delivery  and  survey   taking   Image Source:
  3. 3. The  Growing  Value  of  Telematics     Ensure  compliance     Lower  fuel  costs     Lower  maintenance  costs     Improved  safety     Sustainability  benefits  
  4. 4. The  Optimization  Never  Ends…     Smarter  decisions  at  the   Point  of  Sale     Maximize  profits     Increase  customer   sa5sfac5on   Continuous Optimization
  5. 5. Network-­‐based  BI  and  Analytics:   The  Missing  Link  in  Business  Intelligence  
  6. 6. Key  Takeaways     Logis5cs  is  not  just  viewed  as  a  cost  center  anymore  –  it’s   becoming  a  compe55ve  differen5ator,  especially  “last  mile”   delivery.     The  challenge  is  finding  the  perfect  balance  between  Time,  Cost,   and  Quality  –  i.e.,  doing  it  all  PROFITABLY.     Technology     1.  Mobile   2.  Telema5cs   3.  Con5nuous  Op5miza5on   4.  Network-­‐based  BI  and  Analy5cs  
  7. 7. Thank  You!   Adrian Gonzalez President Adelante SCM