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Srilanka learning-english-for-adults-largeprint-english

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Srilanka learning-english-for-adults-largeprint-english

  2. 2. Why choose us?We believe that you learn English by using it. This means that you will spend a lot of timepractising and speaking with other students in English. Our teachers will listen to you, correctyour mistakes, build your confidence and give you advice on how you can improve. They willalso show you ways to practise your English outside class so that you can progress morequickly.All of our classrooms are comfortable, air-conditioned and fully equipped for learning. Weuse digital whiteboard technology to enhance your learning experience. Our classes have amaximum of 20 students.Our teachers are:„„ highly experienced professionals who all have UK Teaching qualifications„„ highly proficient speakers of English from different countries and ethnic backgrounds, which reflects the status of English as an international language„„ excellent classroom managers who create enjoyable and motivating lessons„„ experts in assessing your progress and achievements„„ committed to helping you learn independently
  3. 3. This means:„„ your course has clear learning objectives which our teachers help you achieve„„ you learn contemporary international English so that you can communicate successfully in English wherever you are„„ you are learning and speaking a lot of English and will become much more confident in using the language„„ you know what your strengths and weaknesses are and where to focus your attention„„ you are better equipped to continue learning English on your own after your studies with us have finishedEnglish Learning Zone (ELZ)We will give you free reference membership to the ELZ in the library, which has:„„ a wide range of self-study English learning resources„„ self-study paths for each level to guide you to the resources you need to support your course work„„ regular speaking clubs, study skills sessions, and computer workshops„„ practice materials for English language examsThe ELZ is open in Colombo Tuesday to Saturday 0900 – 1800 and Sunday 0900 -1630, KandyTuesday to Saturday 0900 – 1730 and Sunday 0900 – 1500, so that you can study when it suitsyou.
  4. 4. Our classes are organised according to the language ability of our students, which wedetermine from the placement test. There are seven language bands and each band isdivided into levels. You will complete one level on each 10-week course. Bands Levels Spoken English UK English Exams CEF* Beginner BG E1 Elementary E2 A1 & A2 E3 Basic User PI1 PI SPENG Pre-Intermediate PI2 KET (25 hours) PI3 (Academic & General Training) IELTS Express - 25 hours I1 I SPENG Intermediate I2 PET (25 hours) I3 UI1 B1 & B2 Upper Intermediate UI2 Independent User IELTS - 50 hours UI3 (Academic) PA1 Pre-Advanced FCE PA2 C1 Advanced 4 modules CAE Proficient user* The Common European Framework (CEF) is a scale used worldwide to describe levels oflearner proficiency.
  5. 5. On all our General English courses you will improve your speaking, reading, writing andlistening skills and develop your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.Beginner (BG)Concentrate on the alphabet, numbers and everyday vocabulary. Basicgrammar is introduced along with reading and writing skills, plus a range oflistening and speaking activities.Elementary (E1, E2, E3)Concentrate on the basic ability to communicate in English in a limited range of simpleeveryday situations. Write and understand short, simple texts.Pre-Intermediate (PI1, PI2, PI3)Build confidence to communicate in a range of common situations and exchange simpleideas. Develop the ability to understand and write a range of short, everyday texts.Intermediate (I1, I2, I3)Develop the ability to participate in a straightforward conversation. Build the confidence tocommunicate in more demanding situations and develop the ability to understand and writemore complex texts.
  6. 6. Upper Intermediate (UI1, UI2, UI3)Concentrate on developing the ability to communicate independently with adegree of accuracy, appropriacy and fluency. Realistic texts can be understoodand more abstract and complex ideas expressed both in writing and speech.Pre-Advanced (PA1, PA2)Develop your ability to communicate independently with more confidence and fluency. Focuson extending and developing all four skills and consolidating your grammar and vocabulary.Advanced (4 modular courses)Take these four modular courses in any order and broaden your knowledge of idiomatic andcolloquial language. Become more flexible and confident at communicating in work, study andsocial situations.Spoken English (SPENG PI and I)Concentrate on developing spoken confidence and fluency at Pre-Intermediate andIntermediate levels in a variety of realistic situations, which include discussions and givingpresentations. These are 25 hour courses.
  7. 7. How can you join us?„„ Book and pay for a placement test appointment well in advance as our courses are very popular.„„ On the day of the test, it may take up to two hours to take the test and complete your registration.„„ You will take a one hour written test and have a short speaking test with a teacher.„„ We will give you a level and a choice of class days and times depending on availability.„„ Register for the class, paying the fee by cash, cheque or debit/credit card.„„ You will receive a British Council folder and course information.„„ We will also give you your ELZ reference membership, which you can start using immediately.„„ You will need to buy the coursebook for the General English and IELTS 50 hour course before your first class.
  8. 8. British Council, Colombo British Council, Kandy49 Alfred House Gardens 88/3 Kotugodella VeediyaColombo 00300 KandyT (011) 452 1521 T (081) 722
  9. 9. Term Dates and Fees 2012Placement test (non refundable, non transferable) Rs. 800 General English Spoken English (50 hours) (25 hours)Term 1 : 19 January – 28 March Rs. 31,700 Rs. 18,900Term 2 : 20 April – 3 July Rs. 31,700 Rs. 18,900Term 3 : 20 July – 27 September Rs. 32,400 Rs. 19,300Term 4 : 11 October – 19 December Rs. 32,400 Rs. 19,300< Fees are subject to change.< Fees increase with inflation, spread evenly across the terms.< Refunds are only possible before your first class. An administration fee will be deducted.Fees include:< Student folder< ELZ membership< British Council course certificate< Students booklets for Spoken English and IELTS Express coursesAdditional costs:< Course books< Your personal stationery
  10. 10. Class Days and TimesColomboTues and Thurs Wed and Fri Sun2.5 hours x 2 2.5 hours x 2 5 hours x 10800-1030 0800-1030 0800-13001100-1330 1345-18451730-2000 1730-2000KandyWed and Thurs Thurs and Fri SunWed and Fri 2.5 hours x 2 2.5 hours x 12.5 hours x 2 0900-1130 1500-17300900-1130 0900-11301200-1430 1200-1430 Sun Thurs 5 hours x 1 0900-1430 1200-1730< It may be possible to change your class days and times after registration if places are available.
  11. 11. What else does the British Council do?„„ high quality cutting edge resources for adults, children, professionals and teachers„„ Young Learners: English courses for children aged 6-15, that build confidence and communication skills, at all levels„„ Professional Training Centre: customised business communication skills courses and soft skills workshops for corporate clients„„ UK Education: free student advice, guidance, and application information on UK schools, further and higher education, student recruitments, workshops and seminars on study in the UK, UCAS, academic and vocational guidance and specific subject areas, pre-departure events and exhibitions„„ UK Exams: IELTS partner and test centre. Information and registration for UK school, English, academic and professional exams held in Sri Lanka„„ Library: over 40,000 books, DVDs, and periodicals, online resources, free internet access and workshops for adults and children„„ Arts and Creative industries: communities, networks, partnerships and events covering performing arts, fashion, visual arts and literature„„ Project English: teacher training workshops and courses, UK teacher training qualifications, resources for learners and teachers, on line resources and courses and communities for teachers of English„„ Development Projects: connecting schools in the UK with schools in Sri Lanka to share best practices and to learn from each other, forum theatre for social change, and other societal activities providing space and engaging communities to dialogue and debate about change for the better„„ Skills for Employability: developing skills for the workplace

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