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2019 Adobe Creativity Scholars


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Every year, creativity rises on the list of the most important skills as found in research by the World Economic Forum and LinkedIn. Creativity is key for businesses and for anyone looking to future proof their careers, including students are who’ve yet to start out.

In the face of this demand for creativity, the next generation must be equipped to imagine and create new possibilities and to embrace the creative spirit that makes us uniquely human. This is the drive behind the Adobe Creativity Scholarship—a college scholarship that provides young leaders around the world the opportunity to foster their creative skills—and one of the reasons we are so excited to announce the 2019 class of Adobe Creativity Scholars.

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2019 Adobe Creativity Scholars

  2. 2. “ JEROM THAMBIPILLAI London, UK Television Production As a first-generation immigrant, I aim to make films that reflect my experience, and the experience of people in a similar position. I want to use my films to represent the difficulty of finding a place in a predominantly white society.
  3. 3. “ MARIANNE KUMANAYAKE Singapore Illustration With an attitude of resilience, self- discipline, patience and belief – as the Japanese proverb says ‘Fall down seven times, get up eight times’ – I will be able to achieve my academic and career goals. And with the help of this scholarship, it will also allow me to develop this characteristic.
  4. 4. “ KEIKIKALANI TAYLOR Salt Lake City, UT, USA Film and Media Arts There is a cultural treasure trove of ideas, stories, and history we all have as a part of us. I want to share mine with the world and encourage others to share theirs as well.
  5. 5. “ STEVEN URIBE Magna, UT, USA Film Production The power that storytelling has on 
 individuals is what gives me the 
 passion to create. Simply expressing one's views and observations of our world, we have the potential of bringing change and influencing others into better understanding and improving each other as human beings.
  6. 6. “ OTTER JUNG-ALLEN Philadelphia, PA, USA Pedagogy / Applied Theatre Education is so often regarded by students as dull at best and a waste of time at worst. We watch our youth trudge through academic systems with little to no excitement, and drop- out rates rise as a consequence. But my experience has shown me that the way in which a practice is taught can completely revolutionize your life. Therefore, I will utilize creativity as a force for positive social impact by consistently engaging young people with dynamic, original lessons.
  7. 7. “ AMEYA 
 OKAMOTO Portland, OR, USA Civic Studies and Interdisciplinary Art I believe that visual art uniquely allows me to influence society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space, time, language, and culture.
  8. 8. “ MONICA ACEDO Mexico City, Mexico Animation and Digital Art My experience with creative projects 
 has had a very important influence 
 on my life since they make me feel 
 free, and they make me see that I 
 have the potential to make a change 
 or translate important messages that 
 can be understood by anyone.
  9. 9. “ ZAWAN 
 MAHMOUD Seattle, WA, USA Film and New Media As a migrant, I experience life as an 
 alternation between daily struggles 
 and dreams. Filmmaking allows me 
 to express this duality. It allows me to 
 channel my sense of loss and despair 
 into creating empowering art.
  10. 10. “ AZALIA 
 ESCALERA Inglewood, CA, USA Film and Television I create films that prompt people to ask questions, to think of the outcome if only one thing was done differently, and to emphasize the weight of every choice.
  11. 11. “ LINHAN ZHANG Hong Kong Film and Television (As a producer) I am looking for 
 opportunities to help many talented 
 and underrepresented filmmakers 
 take their first step in telling the 
 stories they want to tell.
  12. 12. “ RIVER WITTKE Brooklyn, NY, USA Landscape Architecture I want to use the skills I’ve developed through graphic design to create elegant, effective, and innovate systems that help combat climate change.
  13. 13. “ REEMA SHATAT Amman, Jordan Visual Arts I really hope that I’m having a positive impact on others through my art but most of the work I do is for me to discover myself and my essence. Hopefully someone else will find themselves with me.
  14. 14. “ JENNY CHUNG Toronto, ON, Canada Fashion Design Textile waste is increasingly getting worse as well as our environment. I would like the industry to focus on sustainability, body positivity, and to continue evolving the art form.
  15. 15. “ MYA JONISHA Oakland, CA, USA Kinesiology My goal is to help young athletes 
 realize their dreams and take better 
 care of their bodies. I want youth 
 to be able to express themselves through movement.
  16. 16. “ AMAN MUKHIYA Kolkata, India Humanities, with focus on photography Photography is a way to express myself. It is like looking through the ‘third eye’ which enables you to analyze and critically observe the otherwise so-called ‘normal things’ in a different light, from a different perspective.
  17. 17. “ GENEVA 
 HEYWARD Corona, NY, USA Game Design Video games can communicate 
 ideas, invoke feelings, and encourage 
 and scale empathy – and that’s what 
 I try to do when I make them. 
  18. 18. “ PRIYA 
 SUTRADHAR Kolkata, India Arts As a choreographer, my aim is to spread the message of education through dance.
  19. 19. “ ROBERTO 
 STEPHEN Lynn, MA, USA Art Illustration / Education In our current society, there are so many instances of discrimination between different ethnic and racial backgrounds. I feel that through my art designs, and by collaborating with other artists, we can unify our society. Channeling my artistic expression to show feelings and emotions allows people to see my true self and hopefully find something they can relate to.
  20. 20. “ MERISSA VICTOR Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Media Studies I realized that age-old cultural stigmas and stereotypes could be shattered through the power of film and media, with the help of a maker who was aware of their own biases but still maintained an open heart and mind.
  21. 21. “ INGRID VALLECIDA Cali, Colombia Interactive Media Design My objective is to create innovative projects that leave a positive impact on people, demonstrating how technology and design can work together with communities.