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A Celebration Of Women In Marketing

In celebration of International Women's Day, we dug into some of our most interesting interviews with women in marketing and have put together the following slideshow highlighting some words of wisdom. Happy Women's Day!

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A Celebration Of Women In Marketing

  1. 1. WomenInMarketing:
  2. 2. March8this adayonwhichtheworldcelebratesthe social,economic,cultural,andpolitical achievementsofwomen.
  3. 3. Tocelebratethemany workinginmarketing, archivesandfoundafewofourmost insightfulinterviewsfeaturingsuchwomen. Readonforwordsof fromsomeofthetopfemale marketingexecutivesaroundtheglobe.
  4. 4. Marketing,intheend,isabout
  5. 5. andwho Workforpeoplewhoyouwill
  6. 6. We’renotintheproduct andservicesindustryanymore; it’sallaboutexperiencesand
  7. 7. inallaspectsofmarketing. Itisimportanttousashumansto tellstoriesverballyandvisually thathaveauthenticity.
  8. 8. estakeshaveneverbeen higherforCMOs.
  9. 9. Bepreparedfortheunexpected andshiyourmindsettoa
  10. 10. Marketerswhoalwaysfocuson theircustomers’ortheirstakeholders’ problems—andlistentothemand solvetheirproblems—
  11. 11. Marketing’sroleisbecoming
  12. 12. andbe exible.
  13. 13. isonthevergeofmovingto principles.