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Adobe 2014 - A Year in Review

It's been a year of growth and impact for Adobe. Here are a few highlights from 2014:

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Adobe 2014 - A Year in Review

  1. 1. It's been an exciting year for Adobe marked by breakthroughs, growth and impact. Here are a few of our favorite moments from 2014. ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD FEBRUARY Adobe contributes I I I '1 _ ‘-4 I In. .~mi‘Iw= u: ‘Io = III, -I, -will III: I 2oIIIII: .I« ’. i§l‘ llllfhlllvl: mi I: ..-mo It. :. . w:‘nm. IL-. JUNE Adobe makes its first foray into hardware. Inlilmlu flu; III! é 1Illut: , : . : IvIlII-* pI: u : ImI ufigiteil Iultaii in mi: uvflii. ‘utcliul: Ilulillla : |nIL‘. SEPTEMBER "Gone Girl" Puts Adobe on the Red Carpet. OCTOBER Adobe releases 9 new and improved mobile applications. NOVEMBER Behance reaches .1 . A I‘. B _ members. e ‘um III: woillc I: .1r: Iai]I| :. Io uni‘! 1:. -"III! v"t'wI": :IIiIIIn "II: I: IlIIl= &‘| ‘ Ell": :lItIl mr: I'rI: I": .1nItuI: I'-'I: I‘. ~1: : ~mIl .1=. IIl: I: muli i: nIIIIr: :l' w : I:Inr: Iu : : : I-1111:. DECEMBER Creative cloud reaches CCII I I paid subscriptions Q4 earnings report, December 11, 2014 Fiscal year ended 'Io 2H. ION All Inetiics wiitirced by Adube ADOBE IVIARKETI IIG CLOU D MARCH Marketers realize it's time to reinvent. I, I, ‘ ; ! IIIIIIIIIIIIIII II II‘ II. II‘ II II . ‘ y " / of marketers expect I , $3’ * their role to change I I .3‘ I I in the next year I - I OCTOBER Adobe Marketing Cloud rises to the top. ‘ulna-: -[hum . ‘:u ‘K1-Vrllllll in: nu _'. ‘ WWI I . ':IunIImII'Im -1‘ an IIIImvuII'IH: , Ilzualfku 'lL1IoII «Ina II-«uuttfqu hm "IIIII-IIIFII Il:4:4I_IIII:4I . ~InII: Il' ll n4oI'lIII: uIdIt. ’(: JI: Is: WW: I ‘Ian Iu‘: uII'1'I: (0 H91: uullflnlc : mIuI‘ImI: WHIIII in: ‘um: -: IUIIIt. '(aflII! Inna. ‘In: ‘IIlI; L'1I‘: . '. 'I>. m: lnII: IIItu'L~: Q Q twin. »-«III; .‘oIIl'. 'r. |I: E'"‘: );, ~ 7‘ *‘ Mm v"I]II; .:1lL| .'('_u1;. »:II n, In NOVEMBER Adobe and Nielsen join forces to introduce Digital Content Ratings. I: In I»I~‘Il"": II": : I II: .Ir= IiI= ru1u= :IvL. ~I‘I= In ‘II lIl= l=L‘lII£’II| g mllu: "v. '[l'l: t . illl’ Ii'n= I ‘I| ;I1‘3:I : IIll= l I. NOVEMBER Adobe Digital Index Report accurately predicts online holiday shopping sales. I . Adubtg. the Ad<. >lw. - logo. ICr>: .;tI‘u Clutid EIUIIJIILI: Adr. >b>3 . "y‘IarlI: IIIg xlllvtid, and Adqbe Ink & Slide are trademarks of Adobe Systems IIIcoI'pz'II‘ated in the United States and. w'. r other <«'>LIIItI'IE~: . All other tI‘ademaI‘ks are «the property oftheir respe-ctive tiiwners.