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Adobe Digital Index: NFL Social Buzz

An infographic based on analysis by Adobe Digital Index that looked at more than 15 million social mentions related to the NFL and college football, on social platforms. The findings show that the NFL is the most social sporting league in the U.S., with the New York Giants leading the NFL’s social-buzz pack, and college football juggernaut teams LSU, Texas, and USC among the top buzzed by team. Full findings here:

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Adobe Digital Index: NFL Social Buzz

  1. 1. Take a seat on the 50-yard line for an in—depth view of social buzz surrounding the NFL. Brought to life by Adobe Digital Index. Ciadobeiirdex A BIGGER BUZZ The NFL has more preseason social media buzz than any other US. team sport. SOCIAL MENTIONS OF MAJOR SPORT LEAGUES By the first coin toss ofthe opening game, the NFL should have eclipsed five I | n million mentions in August. 2 MONTHS 1 MONTHS OPENING MONTH to opening to opening (NFL & college projected) . i. ~i . "i'. II~iIl’; . iI. f.ii: :Ii<i—'. i~: . i. i:. -'i v. 'ii4Iia . zr wi: r-i: =rrr Iri4.~~’ GROWING APPEAL AUDIENCE MOODS A US. favorite, the NFL continues to gain Social media buzz gives key insight into popularity worldwide. how the audience really feels. NY GIANTS PERCENT OF SOCIAL BUZZ NFL SENTIMENT PRIOR TO BY COUNTRY SEASON STARTING Tee ii‘I€'i: v‘V: (l: .il'-< the it: -'«. :ii.9Iis: =Vst i‘i: r« , 1 38% 30% 10% cppigal of city IIIFL T, r:c1l7I A : ,.hi: third i: _:, ~., ; tegmd social Del-Z CDITIE from ificire t": i‘ 19% 50% 10% ci: ii. inrries i: i_, tside tne l, .n ted States Sadness Admiration Joy 1¢y 5% 1% ° 0 0 17 / o 5 / o 12% 10% 9% Surprise Anticipation 64% O I""l li- l. l jI| .=, ~Ii i—iI—i. i- I O Fi: 'I. .~ i'. I‘ ill ‘I2 19% IIif? If‘-fad p C: ‘y‘F'l' iintiifr "1(: l«P Inna llf”-if-"T 9 ? ei‘itiI“. =rif n 5.1 “1-7, '. I‘. I'i"iI, T’l7 I ‘I piiozi . p: iIiilTl'. i‘i, 'I . I 'IIITI= I~I . III . -I'I 49ERS FANS SOCIAL BUZZ SENTIMENT O I, |iii'. ii'~. ,1li I_: i,l'ii'i'i O I, iiIiiid. i O I', 'fl'i: :I' Admiration 2 20% Joy - I996 7 9 of of NH soc al bu77 comes ‘roci Disgust I 6% ‘ V 5 0 WW, ” we L175‘ Surprise - 9% -. Anticipation I 2% Anger I 4% Sadness ‘ 40% 5 M T. ‘ H. . . , . y The building ri. v'a. ry bPl/ IJPGIT the Seattle Soahaw-<s anc j y i , . , , . , , Sanl»ranciscoiI1?iers shows no love lost among fans, . , , , H _, ,1, . ., , , , , vi th 53% of social 3077 from 49-. =r<. fans aooiit the , y I . , y . i, V, S<= oha~I. -‘ks ranting to sadness, .1"ge'_, o' surpr se. PLAYING FAVORITES. Social buzz puts fan favorites into perspective TOM BRADY NFL QUARTERBACK SOCIAL BUZZ TOP 100 NFL PLAYERS SOCIAL BUZZ Johnny Manziel Tom Brady TiII‘1If’—I'-iI-I‘. »I‘ — . :.I‘»Ii-WI-iI‘IIIii F‘~“: «‘T-iii‘ "ill-1i‘i'iIi’I, i', — 'v1 : -r -’. .<'ii "iii I"-I‘IIl~: — 2 . ~I1vJ»'-Ii‘ L‘; i‘i1-il‘i TOP 10 NFL AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL SOCIAL BUZZ BY TEAM (LAST 30 DAYS) COLLEGE FOOTBALL You can't ignore the up and comers. College football is no second string to the NI-L. Some college teams are making their case for 1 1 popularity. lhe LSU ligers, USL lrojans, and lexas Longhorns had S more social buzz than 25 NFL teams. BILLION Fantasy football is rapidly ‘ becoming as popular as the real thing, ballooning to an 8 estimated $11 billion industry. ESPN is leadingthe HEISMAN TROPHY HOPEFULS SOCIAL BUZZ way currently with 15x more social buzz than rival Yahoo Jameis Winston Marcus Mariota TJ Yeldon Todd Gurley Bryce Petty over the last 30 days, l»‘sU Oregon Alabama l_JGA Baylor Learn more about Adobe Digital Index. adobccom/ digitalindcx ZOI4 Adobe Systems Incorporated All rights reserved Adobe and the Adobe logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States andfor other countries Methodology Social mentions data is publicly available and pulled from Adobe Social comprising 17 million+ social mentions related to NFL and College Football from blogs, Facebook. 6+, Reddit, Twitter, Dailymotion. Flickr, lnslagrarn, Tumblr, VK, Disqus. Foursquare, Metacafe, Wordpress, and YouTube Social buzz I5 based offolaggregate total All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners Sentiment and emotions are analyzed and provided through Adobe Social lohnny Manziel in Kyle Field byShutterbug-159 Tom Brady by Keith Alliscri